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The Time to Travel is coming...

  Whether you are traveling for spring break, summer vacation, or during a holiday you want to make sure your dog is prepared for the trip. If your dog is not used to riding in the car, you want them to get familiar with riding in the car, so start taking them on small car trips around town, continue making the trips longer and longer until you feel your dog is ready for the long car ride.   If you are flying and they are not used to being in a carrier, begin putting them in a carrier for a few minutes a day until they are comfortable and know the carrier is not a punishment. You want a carrier that will meet the requirements of the airline, as well as enough room for your dog. Your dog should be able to stand up and turn around.   You do not want the carrier to be restrictive because then your dog will despise being in it.   Make sure your destination is pet-friendly, whether you are visiting family, friends, or a specific area. The worse you want to do is go to find your furry friend
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With all the Rain, watch out for Standing Water Hazards

  Water is about 71% of the Earth’s surface between the lakes, oceans, streams and the ponds.   Then there are additional water hazards such as the puddles and standing water within the flower pots and other items which can collect water.   Did you know that if your dog drinks water from puddles, lakes and even the oceans it could make your dog ill?   Yes, even though water is imperative especially in the hot weather; water can be dangerous and even deadly.   For instance, the oceans are the biggest body of water and dogs love to romp in the waves.   However, too much salt water whether by a retrieving a toy, drinking it, or accidently swallowing salt water could cause “beach diarrhea.”   Salt water, of course, has salt in it.   Salt pulls water from the blood and into the dog’s small and large intestines which can lead to diarrhea with blood.   Extreme amounts of salt water could cause vomiting, dehydration, seizures or worse.   In these cases it is best to seek veterinarian care imm

Are your prepared for this year’s Hurricane Season?

  Another Hurricane Season is upon us… now is the time to prepare! First, remember if you have to evacuate, please take your pet with you. Do not leave your pets at home. If you are planning to board them, call the local boarding facility and confirm with them, they will have space for your pet.   If you are going to a shelter or hotel verify that they are pet friendly. If you will be going to a family or friend’s house again, please verify with them now it is alright to bring your pet with you.   Your pets are dependent on you for their safety and well-being, and they will be even more dependent during an emergency, so make sure they are including in all your emergency planning.   Secondly, in case of evacuation and you must board your pets or take them to the shelter with you they must be current on their vaccinations. Get a copy of your pet’s vaccinations. Also, while at your veterinarian getting the vaccinations or vaccination records, please go ahead and get a copy of their medi
    September is National Preparedness Month, Are You Prepared? We all must admit this year has been trial some with fires, flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, pandemics and more.   So, being National Preparedness Month this year, should be taken very seriously, are you prepared? If not, this would be the time to get prepared while you have the time to make a list, check everything, review it, and make sure everything on your list is in your supplies and that all the supplies are up to date and ready to go.      1.       Evacuation Plan: Would you have to evacuate?   If yes, do you have a plan, a place to go where you already know your Pet will be accepted?   Whether it is a family, friends, hotel, or shelter please verify your Pet will be able to go with you.   Whatever happens, do not leave them at home by themselves.   You can call your local animal shelter for assistance in locating shelter who accepts pets or other options for your Pet.   DO NOT WAIT until an emergency is here to

Did you know that your Pug needs Sun Protection?

Even though it is best just to keep your pug inside during the mid-day sun your pug may not always agree.   Now there is protective clothing that is available, although, not always feasible or even practical for all of our pugs.   We all know each pug is different and have each have their individual personality.   However, there is sunscreen possible to apply to your pug.   Believe it or not, a pug can get sunburn so protection is necessary when they are going to be exposed for an extended period of time.   If your pug does get sunburn they are susceptible to the suffering from pain, peeling and potential of skin cancer. Severe sun burns could even cause skin infections. It is very important NOT to use human sunscreen products because of the ingredients such as zinc oxide can be toxic and can cause gastrointestinal problems if ingested. There are sunscreens on the market that are specifically designed for pets and they are the safest and best choice for your pug.   These sunsc

The summer time heat is finally here…

The summer time heat seems to finally come, what does that mean?   It means heat and humidity!! So you need to keep an extra eye on your pug and their activities.   Remember it is important to keep your pug cool by making sure they have plenty of cool water available to drink, this will help to lessen the possibility of heat strokes.   Do not leave water sit outside overnight because bacteria and other larvae can grow, so it is best to make sure your pug has a clean bowl of water each day.   Keeping their faces also known as their wrinkles clean will also help to cool them as well as will clean the dirt, bacteria, and sand that can cause infections, skin irritation, acne and such. Be cautious when you are taking them for walks whether it is taking them for a walk to go to the bathroom, for exercise, walking in the parking lot into a store, into the vet or what have you that the concrete/pavement gets hot which could scorch your pugs’ paws.   Please be aware if the concrete is too

February is National Dental Health Month

How clean is your Pug’s mouth?  How clean are your Pug’s teeth?  Have you look at your Pug’s smile?  Does your Pug have tarter?  Believe it or not, yes pugs need to get their teeth cleaned also.  Pugs need the have the proper dental care just as humans do.  Many pug owners do not realize that oral disease is the most diagnosed infectious disease which could cause other health issues such as heart issues, neurological issues and issues within the bloodstream.  Most Pugs by time that reach the age of three maybe four already have some sign of oral disease.  If left untreated oral disease can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, loss of appetite and even have your pug in severe pain.  To assist in the prevention of oral disease you should give your pug bones to chew on such as tarter control dental bones or other dental bones.  Just be mindful of when they get too small your pug does not swallow them whole and/or choke on them.  However, do not rely on these bones to do the job completely; yo