Monday, April 6, 2020

Did you know that your Pug needs Sun Protection?

Even though it is best just to keep your pug inside during the mid-day sun your pug may not always agree.  Now there is protective clothing that is available, although, not always feasible or even practical for all of our pugs.  We all know each pug is different and have each have their individual personality. 

However, there is sunscreen possible to apply to your pug.  Believe it or not, a pug can get sunburn so protection is necessary when they are going to be exposed for an extended period of time.  If your pug does get sunburn they are susceptible to the suffering from pain, peeling and potential of skin cancer. Severe sun burns could even cause skin infections.

It is very important NOT to use human sunscreen products because of the ingredients such as zinc oxide can be toxic and can cause gastrointestinal problems if ingested. There are sunscreens on the market that are specifically designed for pets and they are the safest and best choice for your pug.  These sunscreens can be purchase online or at retail pet stores. Make sure the package states for “pets” as well as, they should be waterproof, block the UVA and UVB rays. It is best to get the SPF 15 or higher.  It is best to apply on your pug’s bare skin as well as light areas, on the noses and tips of the ears.  Avoid the eyes! If you use the spray sunscreen be careful so your pug does not inhale the spray. Remember to reapply the sunscreen about every three to four hours or more if the pug is in the water.   If your pug experiences a rash or excessive itching, stop using the sunscreen immediately; wash the sunscreen off and contact your veterinarian.
Be careful to watch your pug with heatstroke; as the temperature is heating up, it is best to make sure your pug does not overexert or spend too much in the heat such as a car.  It is also necessary to provide plenty of water for your pug.  Pugs do not sweat like human do, pugs pant to help cool themselves. Panting assists them to get rid of hot air so they can inhale cool air.  They may sweat through their foot pads and nose but it is not sufficient enough to keep them cool.  These differences in pets make them especially prone to heatstroke during hot and humid weather. There is specific critical temperature to avoid since heatstroke can occur at even lower temperatures if the humidity is high.

Here are some of the symptoms of a potential heat stroke that your pug may suffer from: excessive or exaggerated panting, lethargy, weakness, excessive drooling, high fever, dark red gums, and rapid heartbeat, unresponsiveness to your voice and/or their surroundings, vomiting, collapse, staring or anxious expression, and warm/dry skin.  Heatstroke IS a medical emergency and potentially a life-threatening condition which does require immediate medical attention!  Without the proper care and attention during a heatstroke your pug may have permanent organ damage in the heart, liver, kidneys and brain. Also, the potential of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC), which is when the body is unable to clot normally this, can be a secondary complication to heatstroke but it is fatal.

If you need or even want to take your pug outside for exercise, some playtime or for a walk make sure to have plenty of cool water for them, have a shady area for them and you to rest.  Do not leave them outside unattended because they can be easily overheated.  Even if they are swimming they are still prone to heatstroke so again make sure they are resting in a shady area with plenty of cool water.  While at home make sure your pug is not left within a room such as a sunroom or a garage, those rooms are insufficient for them to breathe in because the lack of air circulation and the temperatures can rise too high. 

Know your pug’s body temperature that way if you suspect your pug of having a heatstroke, head straight for your veterinarian’s office or the emergency veterinarian office.  Do not call, just go!! If possible have someone with you so one can be driving and the other one can help to lower your pug’s body temperature with wet towels.  Make sure the towels are not too cold but cool, so it does not put your pug into shock.  Do not use ice to lower their body temperature but place your pug’s face up to the air conditioning vent to help cool them. 

The sun and heat is nothing to mess with when it comes to the well-being of your pug, apply sunscreen, keep cool clean water available and above all keep your pug cool. 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

The summer time heat is finally here…

The summer time heat seems to finally come, what does that mean?  It means heat and humidity!! So you need to keep an extra eye on your pug and their activities.  Remember it is important to keep your pug cool by making sure they have plenty of cool water available to drink, this will help to lessen the possibility of heat strokes.  Do not leave water sit outside overnight because bacteria and other larvae can grow, so it is best to make sure your pug has a clean bowl of water each day. 

Keeping their faces also known as their wrinkles clean will also help to cool them as well as will clean the dirt, bacteria, and sand that can cause infections, skin irritation, acne and such. Be cautious when you are taking them for walks whether it is taking them for a walk to go to the bathroom, for exercise, walking in the parking lot into a store, into the vet or what have you that the concrete/pavement gets hot which could scorch your pugs’ paws.  Please be aware if the concrete is too hot for you to put leave your hand on it for any length of time than it is too hot for your pug’s paws so it is good to put protection on your pug’s paws, carry them if possible or try to walk them a grassy area either way do not prolong the length of time their paws make contact with the concrete. 

Pugs are very heat sensitive so they will overheat easy.  It is important to limit the amount of time they are in the heat even if they are not doing anything it is still warm for them and the heat will raise their body temperature, especially if they are directly in the sun.  If you don’t think so wear a fur coat and see how long you would last out in the heat before taking it off.  Unfortunately, your pug cannot take their fur coat off but can be can furminated to help lessen their coat, especially during the spring/summer months.  There are groomers that will groom your pug but still pugs are prone to overheat so it is important to be aware of the time your pug is outside and active.  Also, even with a fur coat pugs when pugs are out in the sun, they are susceptible to sunburn and sun poisoning so it best to limit the time exposed and even apply sun screen to them for additional protection.  There are specific sunscreens on the market for dogs, please be aware and not use just any sunscreen as it could be detrimental.      

Make sure your pug has access to any type of shady areas whether in the backyard, enjoying family fun activities or lounging at the pool – your pug will need to have a shady place to resort too.  Simple things such as overhangs, umbrellas and such will help shade your pug but remember even though the shade does cool your pug as long as they are outside they are still exposed to heat and humidity so please be mindful to their body temperatures. 

NEVER leave your pug in a car.  Cars inside heat up faster than the outside temperature and even if you feel you will only be a “minute or two” that minute or two could cost your pug their life.  Even cracking or leaving windows open will not benefit your pug that much, the temperatures will rise too fast and get too hot for their little bodies to deal with.  So it is best to leave your pug safely at home. 
Fleas, ticks, heartworms – oh my, yes, along with the summer comes the parasites so make sure to go to your veterinarian and get your pug on some kind of protection whether it be a topical medication or over the counter it is best to get your pug protected before something happens.  Also, while you are there go ahead and ask the veterinarian to show you the proper way to remove any parasite(s) especially if it is a tick that would be on your pug.  It is best to be prepared. 

Florida is a nice place to live but one has to be careful of our children, our pugs and us of the heat.  Don’t feel bad if you attend an event or go out for an afternoon or morning leaving your pug safe and cool at home.  At least you won’t have to worry about them overheating, having a heat stroke or worse.  They may be upset but pugs do not hold grudges so again it is best to leave them home. 

Remember the heat is on and does not let up, so be aware, be safe, and be attentive. 

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Monday, February 5, 2018

February is National Dental Health Month

How clean is your Pug’s mouth?  How clean are your Pug’s teeth?  Have you look at your Pug’s smile?  Does your Pug have tarter?  Believe it or not, yes pugs need to get their teeth cleaned also.  Pugs need the have the proper dental care just as humans do.  Many pug owners do not realize that oral disease is the most diagnosed infectious disease which could cause other health issues such as heart issues, neurological issues and issues within the bloodstream.  Most Pugs by time that reach the age of three maybe four already have some sign of oral disease.  If left untreated oral disease can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, loss of appetite and even have your pug in severe pain.  To assist in the prevention of oral disease you should give your pug bones to chew on such as tarter control dental bones or other dental bones.  Just be mindful of when they get too small your pug does not swallow them whole and/or choke on them.  However, do not rely on these bones to do the job completely; you need to be a part of your pug’s dental hygiene also.  If possible you should brush your pug’s teeth on a weekly basis as well as add a dental rinse to their water.  Check with their veterinarian on which they would prefer or recommend.  Your local pet stores such as PetSmart, PetCo, Pet Supermarket and such carries toothpaste and toothbrushes specific for canine dental hygiene.   It is important NOT to use human toothpaste on your pug; these are not good for them and can cause harmful effects. 

Once you get your pug on a good dental hygiene routine just add it to the same routine as bathing, cleaning the nose wrinkles and ear cleanings.  Also, remember to take your pug in for regular dental checkups at their veterinarian or during their yearly physical.  Pugs need to have their teeth taken care of for them because they are unable to do it themselves.  If you are unsure about the dental care plan and the seriousness please inquire with your pug’s veternarian.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It has been a Brisk Winter…

We made live in Florida but this winter has been a little brisk.  However, our Northern friends are having one of their worse winters with the negative temperatures, flooding which changes into ice with the freezing temperatures and so on.  So whether you live in the north, south, east or west we need to pay attention to our Pugs.  Remember they are a brachycephalic breed and they do not fare well in hot temperatures nor do they fare well in extreme cold temperatures.  So be mindful of how long your pug is outside whether getting some fresh air or waiting for them do/finish their business.  Pugs are prone to overheat in hot weather but in the cold weather Pugs are prone to colds which do hinder their breathing on top of their other breed respiratory issues.  Make sure your Pugs have a warm place to come into, that your Pug is not left out overnight, do not let them out in the rain unless necessary and also be aware of their paws.  Their paws are tender and can crack which can cause them pain just as in the hot weather, so their paws need proper care whether it is in the hot or the cold weather.  Check with your Veterinarian or your nearest pet store for the appropriate paw cream for the care of their paws, DO NOT use a human cream on your Pug’s paws they can cause some serious to deadly consequences.  There is a specific paw care cream just for the care of your Pug’s paws.
Keep plenty of water available for your Pug as well as the same diet that your Pug is use too.  

However, if your Pug is inactive in the colder weather then you may want to cut back on their food intake, remember Pugs are prone to be overweight, with little to no exercise your Pug will only gain so it is best to cut back their food until their exercise routine amps up (i.e. more walks, play time at the park or in the yard).  It is up to the humans to control their food intake and to keep them healthy.    
So please be aware and be mindful of the care and time of your Pugs in both, hot and cold weather.  Remember as in all breeds, Pugs have specific needs to care for them just as all breeds have specific care and issues to their breed which need the proper care.   

Stay warm and have a Happy and exciting New Year.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

An alternative from bottle water & faucet water for your dog…

Go Pure Water Purifier in water bowl
with water. 
As many of you are aware Pia Pia suffers from bladder stones so we are careful of what we feed her and what type of water she drinks.  The water that comes from the faucet is not necessarily the best water however bottle water can get costly plus it is not the best for the environment, so where does one go from there? Well, a few months back I was at a pet expo and came across the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier.  

This is a water purifier that has suction cups and attaches to the bottom of your dog’s water bowl.  It has a purifier that the water consistently flows through to clean the water in your dog’s bowl.  It is good for up to six months however we have not had it for six months yet only three months but considering we have had it through Hurricane Irma where we lost electricity for a few days, it was nice to know and see that Pia Pia’s water in her bowl was clean even to this day the water in the bowl is still clean.  She use to have impurities whether it was the dirt from the outside, left over crumbs from her eating or other odd things that fell into her water bowl.  I have not seen anything in her bowl since we have been using the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier.  We take the purifier out to clean her bowl on a regular basis and replace the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier right back into her bowl. 

The good thing is the actual purifier is small and replaceable.  However, the one thing one must make sure to do is to make sure it is securely suctioned to the bowl because of the purifier being small and replaceable it could be a choking hazard.  Overall, it is nice to know and nice to see that her water is clear from impurities. 
Suctions Cups on the bottom 
Purifier separated from protective shell.

Protective shell and Go Pure
Pod together. 
Size of Go Pure Pod.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Traveling with your Pug

Whether it is the summer, spring break or the holidays traveling with your pug can be fun as long as you are prepared and organized. If your pug is not use to riding in the car, you would want them to get familiar with riding in the car.  To get your pug ready for a road trip, start taking then on small car trips around town and make them longer and longer until you feel your pug is ready for the long car ride.  If you are flying and they are not use to being in a carrier, then begin putting them in a carrier for a few minutes a day until they are comfortable and know the carrier is not a punishment.  You want a carrier that will meet the requirements of the airline as well as enough room for your pug can get up and turn around.  You do not want the carrier to be too restrictive because then your pug will despise going into it.  Make sure your destination whether it is family, friends or hotel is pet-friendly.  The worse thing to do is go all the way there to find your furry friend is not allowed or invited.

When it comes to packing for your pug make sure to keep their regular diet, pack a toy or two of their own, a blanket or towel, food/water bowls, dog treats and maybe a bed (pending space) to remind them of home.  If you are driving make sure to pack water with you so when you stop you are able to give them water.  If it is a long drive you are able to feed them also. When driving please make sure to walk them so they are able to relieve themselves.  Make sure your pug is secure in your car by a seatbelt or carrier, in the event of a car accident the carrier or a pet car seat will help keep your pug safe and not a projectile.  If you are flying it is best not to feed or give them water two hours prior to them flying.  Also make sure to let them go to the bathroom before you enter the airport or security area.  There are some airports that have pet relief areas but the maybe outside the security areas.  Again, research the airports before going to know if your airport has one or not and leave enough time to allow your pet to relieve themselves before the flight.  It is also best that if you pug is on a special diet, review the area to make sure you are able to get their food within their area.  You would not want to change their diet and risk a tummy upset while on vacation or visiting.  Make sure to pack all medicines, heartworm prevention (pending the time of month you give your pug their prevention), recent photo of your pug, and recent vaccination record for your pug. Do not forget when packing to pack an emergency kit for your pug such things as gauze bandage, eye wash, tweezers and such are great to have in that emergency kit.    

Finally, take your pug to their veterinarian for a full physical and make sure your pug is up to date on their vaccinations especially if they are going to a different region.  For example, ticks are not an issue in the southern region but they are in the northern region so be mindful of those vaccinations for your area and intending areas you are traveling to.  Make sure they are healthy to make the car ride and if they are flying they will need a flight certification.  Once you get a clean bill of health from their veterinarian request a copy of the vaccination record to have on hand while you travel, in case of emergency.  If you are flying, call ahead to the airline because brachycephalic breeds are not to fly in cargo due to their breathing issues. Some airlines have restrictions on the number of dogs allowed on a flight, so call ahead and let them know you will have your pug with you so it can be noted.  Also, if have not done so it is best to get your pug microchipped.  Many rescues, animal clinics, veterinarians, dog catchers and such utilize this method to help get a beloved pug back into the arms of their owners.  You also want to make sure to use a secure harness, leash and all dog tags are on your pug while you are traveling and while you are at your destination. Remember you are going to a strange place to your pug so be patient with them but also you want to make sure all forms of identification are on them in case they get away.  If the cost of the microchip is a problem watch in your area, some Humane Societies, veterinarian clinics or a rescue will offer a microchip at a reduced cost to you. 

Remember to be mindful of your during your travels and final destination of the surroundings such as the different plants and other potential toxins, other pets around the area, bodies of water such as pond, lake or pool, children and etcetera that are accessible to your pug.  Your home and local area maybe pug friendly but not all homes or areas are pug friendly.  Also, be aware of local emergency veterinarian clinics around the area, hopefully you won’t need it but it best to know where one is than not to know and need one. 

Overall, though pending how long you will be gone, how far you are going or how you will be traveling it may be a good idea to have a relative watch your pug, hire a pet sitter or even board your pug with some one that you are comfortable as well as your pug is comfortable with.  Traveling is a stressful situation for you and your pug so consider all options and choose the right options for you and your loved pug. 

Have a happy and safe travels. 

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Halloween Reminders for You and Your Pug

Candy Cane Princess
Costume by Jae Elisabeth Taylor
Halloween is almost upon us so the first thing to do is to make sure is that our beloved pug is taken care during this holiday.  There will be so much going on, so much excitement and it is the beginning of many more events.   First of all, if you are going to dress your Pug up please make sure it is appropriate dress for the weather.  Pugs overheat fast so between the costume and the weather make sure your pug will stay cool and of course, have plenty of water available for them to stay hydrated.  Remember also to make sure the costume does not restrict your pug or cause them any harm such as cutting or rubbing into their skin for this may start to cause an infection and pain to your pug.  A fun comfortable appropriate costume will help make sure you and your pug will have a nice evening of trick and treating.  If you are walking your pug around while trick and treating with your children please be mindful all the excitement, children, noises and such may be too much for your pug so use caution.  Some pugs may get too excited or panic and get loose which could cause them to take off, get lost or worse.  So it may be best to leave them at home.  If you choose to walk them make sure their lease and harness is secure, they are microchipped or have all their dog tags on them, and if they are wearing a costume it is appropriate for your area. 

Bumble Bee
Costume by Jae Elisabeth Taylor
Second thing, the nights leading to and including Halloween is a night for mischief and pranksters so please keep your pug inside where they will be safe and secure.  It is sad but those mischievous youngsters and pranksters tend to act out more as Halloween nears and with that they have a tendency to target our pets even if your pet is in your own back yard, so again it is best to make sure they are safe and secure in your home away from the pranksters.  

Third, if you are handing out the candy make sure you are careful to where your pug is at so they do not run out the door as it opens.  Be mindful of your pug as well as your children.  It is best to keep your pug secure in a room or behind a fence, so they will not be able to get out while you are handing out the candy. 

Finally, when all the fun is over make sure the candy is up and away from your curious pug. You do not want your pug to get into the candy and eat it; this could cause your pug to become extremely ill, cause organ damage or worse death.  So please make sure the candy is up and away from your pug.  As your children are going through, sorting their candy and of course, eating some the best thing to do it give your pug a dog treat so they do not feel left out or inclined to indulge themselves.  
Just a few reminders as the Holidays are just around the corner.  Happy Halloween to you and your little two and four legged goblins. 

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Television has gone to the Dogs, literally!!

Pia Pia loves to sit and view
the world. 
Television, radio and other sound makers are left on as we leave our homes so our dogs feel they are not left alone.  Not to say all of our dogs suffer from separation anxiety or have behavioral issues but it more or less helps to soothe their insecurities of being home alone for long periods of time.  However, have you ever thought about those sounds or sights on the television or radio? Are they soothing and calming to your dog? Do they do they aggravate or upset them? Even though it is helpful and ensuring to your dog that you will be returning it is best to make sure the sights and sounds are really calming them.  Recently I have come to learn that there is a DogTV, seriously, DogTV.   I thought it was just a rumor or an option in other countries but not here.  However, I was wrong.

DogTV is available in the United States as well as in fourteen other countries on providers such as Xfinity, DirectTV, AmazonFire, AppleTV and more.  This is great news for us and our dogs, why? Because DogTV is just that - for the dogs.  This channel has episodes designed specifically for one person in your household and only one person – your dog!! This channel’s content is appealing to your dog because the coloring is more vibrant to keep your dog’s attention, the sounds are pleasant to help keep them calmed and soothed during the day to keep them entertained,  and finally the channel is scientifically designed by numerous pet experts from veterinarians, behaviorists, and etcetera.  DogTV is a channel that has years of research behind it to make sure the channel maximizes the specifics of their programs for your dog’s hearing and vision to keep them happy and entertained so they are not destructive, stressed or have other potential behavioral issues.  

Pia Pia likes to watch TV
in bed pending what is on. 
People wonder if dogs even watch television? Will this help curve my dog’s behavior? What is needed to subscribe to DogTV?  Is DogTV suitable for my children? Believe it or not, yes dogs do watch television as well as just listening to the television assists the dog with resting and keeping calm, just as if your dog was hearing your voice. Of course, hearing your voice is a lot better than hearing anything else in the world just as you hearing your dog’s bark.  As for curving your dog’s behavior, DogTV will help with your dog’s separation anxiety and boredom by keeping their minds active during the day with the activity in their programs.  However, if your dog has further behavior issues it is best to seek assistance from your veterinarian or dog trainer for further assistance.  There is nothing special needed to add DogTV to your lineup, just go to and register, please at check at provide this code PiaPug.   You will be able to get one month free, which is an excellent deal.  Yes, DogTV is suitable for children, adults and your pets.  In fact, it is encourage sitting with your pets so your pets know that you are happy with the viewing as they will be happy to view the channel with or without you there. 
Yes, Pia Pia will sit right in
front to see her shows.  

Not everyone likes to admit they are wrong but I am glad to admit I was wrong and I am glad that I found DogTV.  I am glad to know I was able to get the channel here, it is reasonable costs, it is geared for Pia Pia, and yet fun for me to watch too.  So it is a win-win for all.  Enjoy watching DogTV, please let me hear from you with your and your dog‘s view on DogTV.  Thank you.

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