Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This little Squishy Face is a Stubborn One!!

Pugs how they are cute and adorable with their squishy faces.  Pugs were bred to be companion dogs for the Emperors of China and then for the rich and elite of Europe.  Pugs to this day are still used as companion dogs as they make good therapy dogs but there is one thing people seem to misinterpret because of those cute adorable faces - - - they are stubborn!

Yes, those adorable little faces with the big bulging eyes with the ‘forgive me’ look makes you want to just hug them however they are a very stubborn breed.  Pugs are dogs that like to satisfy their owners in any way they can but when an owner wants the Pug to do something that the Pug does not want to do such as ‘sit’ the Pug will not do it. However, you need to outsmart your Pug or set the ground rules up front that you are the Alpha in the house but be prepared to be tested.   

If you were to bring in a new Pug or other pet whether you are fostering, adopting one or purchasing one it is very important to set the basis who is the alpha dog and it is not your Pug.  Once you set the president that you are alpha and keep the president your Pug will still put up a fight but will back down more easily.  Just like having a child a Pug will try to test the boundaries to see how far she or he can go.  Pugs will not dislike you because you say “No”, in fact, they will love you more because they like to have discipline.  So do not let those adorable bug bulging eyes fool you, Pugs are stubborn.  Stand your ground be the alpha in the house and your Pug will love you even more.   After all, who couldn't love a face this cute?! 

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Why Fake Service Dogs, need to be illegal!!

In San Francisco a service dog, which was a pit bull but was a real certified service dog with all the credentials was told to exit off a trolley and even escorted by police because it was a pit bull.  A veteran who had a Labrador as a real certified service dog, again all the credentials and necessary paper work to fly on a plane was given a hard time and was unable to fly home during a recent quick trip home to see her family.  They flew to the destination with no issues however the return flight the airline gave them a hard time.  This caused undue stress onto the individuals and their service dogs, neither one of these cases needed to be dealt with in this manner but because of the abuse and misuse of fake service dogs this is what happens.  Is it fair, NO, it is not fair to those individuals or their service animals.  This is why it should be illegal to obtain service dog kits online unless the dog goes through the proper testing and passes to be given the service dog vest and identification.  Not to say an individual cannot train their own service dog but to actually have them tested and pass considering it is the public involved.  The public with other individuals with disabilities, children, and other pets involved.  If an improperly trained service dog is put in a position it can attack causing harm, severe injury or worse to a child, adult or pet.  Then the owner of that “service dog” will be held financially accountable and in some cases loose their “service dog”, there will be no winners.   

I never understand why it is so hard for individuals to understand that utilizing your dog and stating they are a “service dog” when they have not had the proper training is not helping them, their dog and is more harmful than good.  If an individual has a legitimate need for a service dog there are services and organizations that not only can assist with training, can make sure the temperaments are correct, could provide insurance, initiated testing, and provide the proper credentialing making the service dog a real one. 

Dog lovers love their dogs; they are our fur-kids but there is a lot of training that goes into properly training a service dog.  A service dog is considered a medical equipment, it can save a person’s life however the continue abuse of utilize a pet dog for a service dog could cost someone their life whether it is failure of a real service dog to do their job because of the confusion if that particular dog is a real or fake service dog.  Or if a fake service dog is in a position that their owner is unable to control and attacks a person or animal.  Bottom line, fake service dogs are illegal and the owners need to be held accountable with harsher punishment.  It is not the dog’s fought and I see the owner’s side but see the person who truly needs the service dog, they do not need the extra trouble, harassment or discrimination on top of their issues.  Be courteous, be kind, and stop using fake service dogs, please.

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Monday, October 17, 2016

We Need to Work Together – Shelters & Rescues to help our Veterans & First Responders

A pet does not care what your race, gender, sex, or nationality is. A pet does not judge you.  A pet cares about you as a person and will give you unconditional love in return for a warm loving home, food and water.  This is the reason why pets are such good companions when it comes to helping to treat individuals with Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is similar to having panic or anxiety attacks, a form of depression and stresses something a pet can pick up on better than even a human counterpart such as a spouse.  Pets are critical to helping individuals with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to manage their attacks whether at home or when they go out in public.  Luckily, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Service Dogs qualify until the American with Disabilities Act stating “Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Examples of such work or tasks include guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling a wheelchair, alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure, reminding a person with mental illness to take prescribed medications, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during an anxiety attack, or performing other duties. Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability” (2011).  However, pets whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA therefore do not qualify under the guidelines or protection of the ADA Law.  Those pets are not allowed to enter restaurants, stores, or other facilities unless they are dog-friendly establishments. 

Every day twenty-two veterans take their lives due to their suffering of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  First Responders such as police, emergency medical technicians, nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers, and fire fighters are also high risk for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because of their employment.  These individuals choose to protect our lives over their own, they leave their families every day knowing and their families knowing that they are going to do their best to save a life and save a family from the one horrible door knock but at the same time it may cost them.  They pray, their families pray and we should all pray that our armed service members and our first

responders are safe and remain safe.  However, behind the scenes it does cost them.  The things they experience, the things they see and the things they have to go through are embroidered inside them.  It may not be visible now but eventually it will catch up with them and come out, it is then it starts to affect them and in affect their family – this is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.   This is where a companion or better yet a service dog is their most valuable asset.  It is their “battle buddy” to veterans or a confidant to the first responders, it doesn’t matter what a pet is consider to them it helps to ease the anxiety, depression and stress.  It is someone who will be there for them and give them the love even when no one else understands.   

Just as these individuals is needing rescuing with a service or companion dog they are able to rescue dogs from shelters and rescues giving pets a second chance, when those dogs may not have had a chance.  Shelters and rescues need to work with local veteran committees, first responders, and their families to see how each other can help each other.  It is a win-win for all. 

When someone abuses the use of a service dog with a fake service dog with a kit they purchased of the internet in an establishment it causes that establishment to question all service dog teams entering their establishment which is an undue stress onto those already stressed.  Let’s think about it, would you want that added stress added onto your loved one?  Added onto you?  NO, I highly doubt it.  These individuals and their families have sacrificed enough.  Stricter laws and higher penalties are needed to be added in order to eliminate fake service dogs, making it easier for the real service dogs.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Misrepresenting your Pet as a Service Dog, not fair to a real Service Dog

Our pets are our part of our family and it is understandable that many of us want our pets by our side just as we want our children by our side however to diminish the extent of the time, dedication and service that a true service dog provides to those who truly needs a service dog versus those who just wants to have their pet by their side or to save a few dollars just cannot be justified.  It is nice to see that it is now punishable by law, when someone misrepresents their pet as a service dog. 

It has become more recent that individuals are abusing the system in order for their pet to fly with them free of charge and out of a carrier, to go into stores with them and to be with them all the time by stating they are their service dog.  By law a service dog/pet does not need to wear a vest or have specific documentation however they do need to be trained for a specific task and be under the control of the handler at all times.  An establishment by law can ask a handler if the pet provides a service and what is the pet trained to do?  Real service dogs have stringent guidelines and training, they are no longer a pet but a medical necessity.  A handler’s life is in the balance of their service dog whether it is a Seeing Eye dog, hearing dog, diabetic alert dog, seizure alert dog and so on.   

There are specific service dogs that are bred from birth to be service dogs.  There are also dogs that are rescued and then trained to be service dogs pending what the service they will be training for is.  Either way, a real service dog usually starts training at the age of two even through as they are going through their puppy stages and playing there are toys and games that ultimately assists with eventually will be a task when they become a certified service dog.  Not all pets that enter the service dog training whether bred from birth or that are rescued actually become a certified service dog, it takes dedication and discipline which not all dogs have to become a service dog.  Those dogs are not destroyed but are adopted or sold to become family pets, remember a certified service dog is not a pet but a medically necessity for the handler. 

Once a service dog goes through the training and becomes a certified service dog, their training does not end there.  Each year the service dog team (dog and handler) are retested to make sure the dog is still performing the tasks they were trained for, if the dog fails it goes through retraining and if the dog fails again the dog is no longer a service dog.  The dog will be adopted to another family as a pet while the handler will be assigned to another certified service dog.  A service dog cannot be disruptive or out of control in any public place because even being a service dog they can be requested to leave.  So even real service dogs can be requested to leave if they are being bad. 

With the extensive training a real service dog goes through and the lifesaving service they provide to their handler as well as their handler  counting on them to be there for them and knowing the handler really cannot go anywhere without them because it could cost them their life.  Individuals who do not need their pet as a medical necessity should be thankful and not abuse the system.  When they abuse the system it only makes it harder for those who really need the system.  One day it could be you or someone you love then you will realize the extent of what is takes between the documentation and training to qualify for a service dog then to be questioned or ridicule due to the misrepresentation of fake service dog.  I only pray and hope it does not happen to you or someone you love but think twice before you misrepresent your pet as a service animal.  There are many stores that are now pet friendly, employers that are pet friendly, restaurants with outside eating areas for those who want to bring their pets and even public transportation who allow pets.  Research your area and try a different approach then misrepresenting your pet; it only makes it harder for others who already have it hard enough.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

First Aid Kit for your Pug

Whether you are planning a road trip, getting ready for the hurricane season, heading to the dog park or just because you are an over protecting pug parent but everyone should have a First Aid Kit prepared and ready for emergencies for your pug.  Do you have an emergency kit?  Would you know what should be in your pug’s emergency kit? 

First of all a durable, waterproof case is best.  Now unless your Pug has specific medicines or health issues that need to be taken care of this specific first aid kit will only address the basics for a standard doggie first aid kit.  Anything additional, please make note and add for your pug’s specific needs in the event of an emergency. 

  1. A dog first aid book.  There are many out there so you want to make sure you have the most up to date version or even ask your veterinarian for a reference.
  2. Latex gloves (or latex free gloves pending if you or if your pug has an allergy).
  3. Emergency numbers such as your veterinarian, poison control, and if you are traveling local emergency hospital numbers.
  4. Recent photos of your pug, any known allergies or medicines, and your contact information.
  5. Disinfectant such as hydrogen peroxide or alcohol.  Hydrogen peroxide can be used to induce vomiting however it is best NOT to induce vomiting without the advice of your veterinarian. 
  6. Povidone iodine (an antiseptic) to help clean the wound.
  7. Wound cream to help the healing process, please check with your veterinarian for their preference. 
  8. Saline solution which can assist with flushing of wounds and flushing of eyes. 
  9. Gauze pads, the square and rolls, this way you are prepared and these bandages will not stick to the wound or fur.
  10. Cotton balls.
  11. Bulb syringe which can be utilize in the flushing of the wounds when needed or administering medicine. 
  12. Tweezers, flat slant tip and dull tip, you never know when either one will be needed so it is best to have both.  Also, to have special tweezers specific for tick removal.  These tweezers will assist in the removal of a tick’s imbedded head which could cause an infection if left in.
  13. Antihistamine, again please discuss with your veterinarian which is best for your pug and the dosage which will assist with swelling, itchiness, bee stings and other miscellaneous insect bites.
  14. Antibacterial wipes and hand soap.
  15. Paw cream.
  16. Rectal Thermometer.  A normal temperature for a pug is 38°C or 101°F.  Anything higher or lower please take or consult a veterinarian immediately.  
  17. Cone. 
  18. Petroleum jelly, this is for courteous. 
  19. Towels or an old blanket.
  20. Flashlight.
  21. Dog treats. 

It is best to get this ready NOW, not when there is an emergency because by then it may be too late.  Remember to check and update outdated products yearly.  Yes salves, cream, peroxides and bandages have an expiration date.  So update your kit yearly.  Once you have your kit completed, you may want to request a vet tech or your veterinarian to view it to make sure you did not miss anything. 

Other sites which can help you with your First Aid Kit:

If you have something that you had to your kit that is not listed, please share with us?  Thank you.

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Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Magic of a Pet

If you read any post, PLEASE read this one!!

September is National Service Dog Month; many of you know Pia Pia is a Hearing/ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Service Dog for her Dad who is a veteran.  When she was adopted from a local no-kill shelter it was the intent for her to keep him company so I could just run errands without the constant calling when would I be returning.  However, during obedience training at a local pet store we ran into a dog trainer who introduced us to a service dog trainer who felt that she could do more than just keep him company.  With his dedication and her dedication as well as the guidance/ assistance of the trainers she and he started the intense training of a service dog team.  Well, slightly less than two years after adopting Pia Pia she became a dual certified Service Dog.  It took a little bit more time but with her by his side our lives changed with traveling by plane and car from traveling across the country twice, seeing National Parks, visiting family/friends, and just enjoying life again.  From him being a recluse and making simple errands like going to a grocery store miserable to enjoying life and having fun. 
But this post is more than just about celebrating what service dogs do for those with a disability whether that disability is a physical or mental disability, it is the joy of what a dog or any pet can do to enlighten our lives.  Her Dad not only suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder but also a terminal illness which happens to be genetic.  This genetic illness is rare but bought us to another family very similar my husband.  The wife is a nurse, her husband also diagnosed with this condition and they have three children.  The three children all were diagnosed with the illness however only one was symptomatic where the other two are not.  Her husband and mine are similar in age, similar with in age when the onset of the condition and my husband has four children (three who are at risk).  Huntington’s Disease is the illness.  Once diagnose a patient usually has 10-18 years but can differentiate pending the patient, family environment and such.  It is best to keep a routine and reduce stress that helps to prolong the life of a HD patient.  She and I realized we both had so much in common with our husbands, worried about the children, and having a career.  One day though I got the call I dreaded, she called to inform me her husband changed the routine.  From the time she left for work and the time the neighbor came to have coffee and watch the morning news, her husband decided he did not want to face his future of what this illness was going to do to him, to his wife and his children.  Yes, he took his life.  I was speechless; I just had no clue what to say.  As time pass we drifted apart because we did not have the similarities and I felt awkward talking about another year or milestone with my husband or something about the children we got to celebrate. 
Recently we reconnected, I apologized for abandoning her but I felt at a loss.  She understood and stated she probably would have done the same.  Still no excuse for my actions but we can’t look back we can only move forward.  It was nice to be able to pick up where we left off however she did lose her one daughter to HD but she still has her son and daughter who are still asymptomatic.  After a lengthy conversation, she stated to me she realized the difference that my husband had that her husband did not have, I asked her what?  A pet.  Your husband has Pia Pia.  She honestly feels that if her husband would have had a pet whether a cat, dog, rabbit or such he would not have felt what he did to make that fateful decision.  She stated she noticed the difference in my husband once Pia Pia came into his life. 

I nor she is saying a pet is for everyone but you never know what a difference a pet can make.  If you have tried everything such as medicines, counselors, friends, family, and doctors why not take the opportunity to try a pet.  A pet can do something no one else can.  Donating or volunteering at an organization to help pets for those in needs such as pets for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, children with Autism, and so on please do.  Support organizations that support those types of organizations such as Plato Pet Treats who donates a dollar toward their Plato Wags Back program. 

I can personally tell you from experience that without Pia Pia I do not think my husband would be here today let alone be able to travel, enjoy time with his children and me.  Respect a person with a Service Dog whether you can see their disability or not.  Not all disabilities can be seen.    

Thank you for those who support, sponsor, service dog organizations and service dog trainers.  We truly appreciate what you do.  Happy National Service Dog Month!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

The Height of Hurricane Season is Upon Us are you Prepared??

The hurricane season is picking up, are you prepared in the event of a tropical storm or hurricane?  Florida has been lucky for quite a few years but how long can that luck hold out?  It is best to be prepared just in case.  This is a good time to get prepared while you have the time to make a list, to make sure everything on your list is in your hurricane supplies and that all the supplies are not expired.    

1.      Evacuation Plan: Would you have to evacuate?  If yes, do you have a place to go where you already know your Pug will be accepted?  Whether it is a family, friends, hotel, or shelter please verify your Pug will be able to go with you.  Whatever happens, do not leave them at home by themselves.  You can call your local animal shelter for assistance in locating shelter who accepts pets or other options for your Pug.  DO NOT WAIT until a storm is here to make arrangements because they will not be available to accept your Pug.  Plan ahead. 

2.      Food and water supply.  If you are able to remain at home make sure there is enough food and water to last for at least two weeks for your Pug.  When it comes to water, it is better to have enough water to a month pending on the heat and humidity.  Do not rely on sitting water which could have toxins within the water.  Some areas may be on a water ban or boil water for months after a storm has hit.  Like humans your Pug need plenty of water. 

3.      Medicines.  Make sure when a pending storm is coming to stock up on your Pug’s medicines, especially those that are diabetic and such.  Many pharmacies may not open after a storm for weeks and you don’t want to take chances with your Pug.    

4.      Records.  Make sure you have a copy of your Pug vaccinations, their rabies tag, hopefully they are micro-chipped and you have a record of their number, the veterinarian and your information for the shelters or if you and your Pug are separated somehow.  A current photo and information in regards to their behavior and any medical conditions.  Keep in a clear storage waterproof storage bag.  If possible keep one in the hurricane supply kit and one with you. 

5.      Extras.  Keep a bin with an extra blanket or towel, an extra toy, and anything else to help your Pug get through this storm just as you would take for you and your children. An extra leash, harness or collar, things to keep them warm.  A carrier to help them feel more secure and one that they can lie day and stand up comfortably.  Grooming items, trash bags, and cleaning agents (in case of accidents). 

6.      First Aid Kit.  Prepare a first aid kit with your Pug in mind such as bandages, eye drops, tweezers, saline solution, and such. 

All these items, especially the paperwork, identifications, medications, and such should be placed in a water proof container so not to be ruined in case of water damage.  Pug get very anxious and scared especially when so much is going on with leaving your house, staying somewhere else not familiar to your Pug, traveling in a car, and just the storm with the lighting and thunder, so please do all you can to make things safe for you, your family, and your Pug.  

Prepare now,  Do not wait, Be ready, and Be safe!!  

Here are some websites to help you prepare:

Are you prepared?  Do you have any helpful hints/advice?  Please share… Thank you. 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Choking Hazards

Pugs because of their short stature and short noses have a higher rate of choking than most breeds.  Some of the choking hazards are the stuffing in the stuffed toys, squeakers from their toys, loose change (coins), batteries and bones whether they are cooked, rawhides or toy bones, just to name a few items.  As pugs are chewing and tearing the stuffing out of the stuffed toys they can swallow the stuffing which will get lodge in their stomach.  The stuffing could also get lodge in their digestive system (i.e. intestines) when the stuffing gets caught into the digestive system of the pug it will start to metabolize and unable to move causing intestinal gases to start releasing into your pug.  This will make your pug very ill and could kill them if goes untreated.   If your pug goes two or more days without eating there is something wrong you need to get your pug checked out immediately.  The squeaker in a dog’s toy is also a choking hazard.  The pug may be chewing on the toy and the squeaker could fall out or be chewed out whether by accident or intentionally, however a pug may swallow the squeaker.  If a pug swallows the squeaker it could get caught in their throat causing them to choke which could lead to death.  The best thing is to keep an eye on your pug while they are playing with their toys.   

Edible bones, Nylabone bones, and Kongs are good for your pug to help clean their teeth, keep them chewing the bones and not the furniture, and a treat for your pug.  Again, you need to be careful and watch your pug while they are chewing these bones especially when they are starting to get smaller because as the bones get smaller or older the bone begin to fall apart or get to small therefore a pug will attempt to swallow them.  Pending the size of the piece it could get caught in their throats or even lacerate their throats, which potential if very harmful or worse.  It is suggested that when your Pug is getting to the end of a bone or if a bone is looking its age to be on the safe side throw the bone away. Better to be safe than sorry.   Another bone is a cooked bone such as turkey bones which are prone to splinter which could hurt when swallowed or lacerate a throat which could cause internal bleeding.  Non-cooked bones do not fair better but do tend to be stiffer compared the cooked bones.  Finally, rawhide bones are not digestible, held together by toxic glues or rubber bands, and could piece off in large chunks.  These bones are not good for pugs because it will be hard for them to swallow, the toxicity, and potential of swallowing rubber bands. 

Coins or batteries are a very dangerous hazard because within a few hours your pug could die.  Coins contain zinc which when consumed by the pug the zinc will start to be absorbed by the red blood cells.  When the zinc is absorbed by the red blood cells the cells will start to rupture in your pug.  This causes anemia and your pug will become lethargic.  If the coins or batteries are not removed as soon as possible your pug will be at risk of passing away.  By time you realize your pug is lethargic most likely they will be in need of an emergency blood transfusion in order to for them to be strong enough to survive a surgery.  Even after surgery a blood transfusion may be needed.  So to be on the safe side make sure coins and batteries are put away, purses and wallets are secures and put away as well as where your pug is at, what they are in to and what they are doing. 

Remember pugs are like children will put anything in their mouths.  Please watch and be careful of your pug. 

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