Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Traveling with your Pug

As the Christmas season is upon us a lot of us will be hitting the roads or going to the airport to fly home so you can visit family/ friends and enjoy the festivities.  However, if you are traveling with your Pug please keep be prepared and keep in mind a few things:
  1. Get a microchip for your Pug.  Many rescues, animal clinics, veterinarian, dog catchers and such utilize this method to help get a beloved pug back into the arms of their owners.  If the cost is a problem watch in your area where some Humane Societies, veterinarian clinics or a rescue will offer a microchip at a reduced cost to you. 
  2. If you are unable to get a microchip or even if you have a microchip please make sure your Pug has proper identification on his collar/harness and dog tags such as name, contact information for you  and if any allergies or medical conditions.
  3. Make sure your pug is up to date on their vaccinations especially if they are going to a different region.  For example, ticks are not an issue in the southern region but they are in the northern region so be mindful of those vaccinations for your area and intending areas. 
  4. Be mindful of the different plants and other potential toxins that are accessible to your Pug.  Your home maybe Pug friendly but not all homes are not Pug friendly.
  5. Do not forget when packing to pack an emergency kit for your Pug such things as gauze bandage, eye wash, tweezers and such are great to have in an emergency kit. 
  6. Pack enough food that your Pug is use to, consistency is best for your Pug and one of those consistencies is keeping them on their feeding schedule with the same food they are use to at home.  If your Pug is on medication, make sure you have enough medication or heart worm treatment while you are gone as well as extra in the case you have to stay a little bit longer due to weather or other circumstances.  Same goes for their food.
  7. Utilize a pet carrier whether you are flying or driving, a pet carrier will help keep your Pug calm as well as keep them safe.  In the event of a car accident the carrier or a pet car seat will help keep your Pug safe and not a projectile.   Make sure the crate is of proper size to your Pug will be able to be comfortable be able to move within the crate.   
  8. Never leave your Pug unattended in your car or at the airport.  Anything could happen so it is best to make sure your attention is on them. 
  9. Make sure you have your Pug’s favorite blanket, toy, bowls, and warm items for them if you are traveling to a cold climate. 
  10. Potty breaks: If you are traveling by car please take the time to stop and properly walk your Pug so they are able to do their business.  If you are flying make sure not to feed or give them water for two hours prior to your flight.  Make sure to walk them before putting them in their crate.  Make sure their veterinarian has cleared them to fly.  Any Pug that is frail, sick, pregnant, or a puppy may not or should not fly. 
  11. Planning ahead is the best way to plan to travel whether it is during the holidays or summer vacations.  Traveling is a stressful situation for you and your Pug so consider other options and right options for you and your loved Pug.  Some options are pet sitters, boarding, family/friends and etcetera.  Never wait to the last minute because boarding fills up fast, pet sitters schedules fill up fast, and family/friends have their schedules.  Also, prepare to reschedule or cancel your plans if your Pug becomes sick or injured.

If you are not traveling with your Pug, if you are visiting family /friends for the day, pending how long you will be gone or how far you are going it may be a good idea to have a pet sitter some one that you are comfortable as well as your Pug is comfortable with or even put your Pug in a daycare for the day so your Pug will not be alone for extended period of times.

Additional safety information can be found at,,

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Be safe in your travels.  

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tis’ the season to be prepared…

Christmas decorations going up, trees are being decorated, and egg nog is being served.     However, you need to watch out for our Pug.  There are many beautiful things about the holidays but with the beauty is also danger.  The holiday decorations commonly use to decorate your tree, your yard or even around you house can be dangerous even deadly to your pug.   The tinsel hanging on the tree with the shine and reflection attracts a curious Pug.  The tinsel can wrap itself around the Pug intestines and be fatal to your Pug.  The colorful tree ornaments are also an attraction for your Pug curiosity so they should be hung high enough out of their reach.  Pugs will be attracted to potential play or chew on the glass, aluminum, and paper ornaments which can break into sharp edges and may cause lacerations to the throat, their paws, their internal organs, and etcetera.  As well as they are a choking hazard for them.  Keep them up and out of the length of your curious pug. 

Another potential danger for your Pug is the lights on the trees and the burning of the candles.  The lighting, twinkling, and hanging lights will attract the curiosity of a Pug which could cause them to chew, potentially creating an electrical shock, burns on their tongues, even death so use all precautions.  Keep the lights out of their reach, be mindful of your Pug and the lights, and above all watch for any frayed wires.  Candles also are a hazard because the Pug could knock them over in error, potentially burn their noses trying to smell one, or even a paw attempted to touch the candle.  Be mindful once a candle it lit, keep the candle up and out of paws length. 

Wrapping gifts is another part of celebrating the season and even though your Pug makes good company and is good help to hold their paw in place until you are able to place the piece of tape in place.  The smell coming from the gifts can entice even the best behaved pug to misbehave.   The ribbon used to pretty up the gifts is a choking hazard, such as tinsel, ribbon could get wrapped/twisted throughout their intestines which could lead to emergency surgery or even death.  If possible leave the gifts until the last minute so curious pugs won’t get into trouble. 

Food… I am sure that caught your eye as we all know the way to a Pug heart is through their stomach.  So many edibles will be in the view of your Pug so be aware of where your Pug is, who is possibly feeding your Pug, and what is being fed to them.  Chocolate, whether milk or dark, have a high level of toxicity and is very dangerous for your Pug so it is best to keep all chocolate out of the reach of your Pug.  Bones, trimmings, and fat from the meats, whether cooked or uncooked, could cause pancreatitis, choking hazard, or splinter in your Pug digestive system.  It is best to keep them away from kitchen and dining area.  Cookies, candies, and some nuts in general should not be given to your pugs at all.  Almonds, non-moldy walnuts and pistachios can cause an upset stomach or an obstruction of your dog's throat and/or intestinal tract. Macadamia nuts and moldy walnuts can be toxic, causing seizures or neurological signs. Lethargy, vomiting and loss of muscle control are among the effects of nut ingestion.  Your best bet is to keep your Pug away from the food and company who will not follow your guidelines to not feed the Pug.  They should be kept on their regular diet and no table scraps or treats.  It could cause some upset Pugs but at least the Pugs will be healthy Pugs. 

Plants are very pretty and festive but they are also poisonous and potential deadly.  Poinsettias can cause vomiting and irritation in the Pug mouth and stomach.   The pine needles that will fall from your Christmas tree can cause irritation in their mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, and potential weakness in their posterior.  Holly will cause intense vomiting, diarrhea, and depression within your Pug.  Mistletoe also will cause vomiting and diarrhea, and possibly difficulty in breathing, your Pug may collapse, erratic behavior, hallucinations and even death.  The water for your Christmas tree will be tainted and could cause stomach irritation with diarrhea or vomiting so keep your Pug out of the tree’s water, plus your Christmas tree will not get the water is will need. 

Finally, with all the family and friends coming as well as you visiting and attending holiday events make sure your Pugs are secure so they are unable to sneak out.  Make sure if you have a fenced in yard the fence is secure and the gates are not let open.  If your Pug is uncomfortable it is best to place them in a secure area with their bed, toys, water, and visit them.  Make sure you are able to spend time with them so they are aware that everything, even though hectic is fine. 

It is best to keep vigilante of your Pug during the holidays.  The holidays bring out beautiful decorations and delicious food but at the same time if brings out so many dangers for your Pug.    
Additional dangers and hazards:
ASPC Pet Poison Control:
Pet Poison Hotline:
Have your local veterinarian and an emergency veterinarian phone available.   

Wishing all you, your family and your Pugs a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Safe Happy New Year!!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Football, Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Family, Friends......

Football, family time, turkey and pumpkin pie are all just around the corner.  Good news for the human family members but what about your Pug?  First of all, remember Pugs are beggars and love food so they will be were the food is.  Be careful of those snacks during your favorite football games and being at Pug level.  As well as those guests that are unaware of the Pugs nature of begging for food.  A piece of food here and there will add up to a chunky Pug.  Maybe an upset Pug belly even.  Remember there are foods that are not good for your Pug such as nuts, chocolate, alcohol, bread dough, and etc.  Don’t forget those non-foods that could sicken or kill your Pug such as bottle caps, candles, decorations, ribbons, and so on.  It is imperative to keep your Pug healthy and away from the foods, the family members/friends who will give them food and/or non-foods which could make them sick, could be a potential choking hazard or can kill your Pug.  

Pay attention to your Pug and be attentive to where and what they are into.  Creating a “Pug– zone” where people, especially children, can be supervised for the welfare of your Pug.

Now it is time for the turkey dinner!!  Even though turkey is good for your Pug you have to be careful of the hazards that turkey holds.  First of all, the brown crispy skin is full of fats and oils that can cause your Pug to get seriously ill.  Secondly, that drumstick is a serious choking hazard.  While the turkey is being cooked the bones become brittle and easily breakable.  The brittle bones can split, splinter or even pierce your Pug’s intestines.  The white skinless turkey is best for your Pug, if you were to sneak them a piece of turkey. 

Time to bring on the pumpkin pie!!  Yes, it is true that pumpkin is good for your Pug.  Pumpkin is full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps with your Pug’s immune system, Beta-carotene which helps with cancer prevention, Vitamin E which helps keep a healthy skin and coat and it is high in fiber which is critical for good digestive health of your Pug.  Also, the pumpkin in small amounts will help if your Pug has an upset belly, diarrhea, constipation or even motion sickness.  It is low in calories and should be a treat and not give to your Pug on a regular basis.  However, that pumpkin pie is full of sugar and sweeteners which are harmful to your Pug.  So keep the pumpkin pie to you and your guests and away from your Pug. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Enjoy time with your family and friends, Good Luck on your Football games, and most of all keep your Pug safe and healthy.  

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Veterans’ Day!!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Veterans’ Day.  Being a service dog to a Veteran Pia Pia knows the trials and tribulations that a veteran goes through with accumulating back into the family structure.  Things never seem to be the same for some Veterans’ in which many individuals on the outside do not see.  The scars that are implanted on what these individuals have seen and had to do not to only save themselves but to save their fellow soldiers.  Veteran’s Day is not a day to be thankful because kids have a day off of school; one has a day off of work, or the sales from your favorite stores but a day to remember the lives that have been lost to give us the freedoms we have today.  The freedom to complain about a color of a cup, to be able to even speak in public, to be able to have the day off and etcetera.   So instead of thinking of what you can do on this day off, go enjoy an event and thank a veteran.  Even pay for a coffee for a veteran whether that veteran has visible wounds or not, they still served for you.  Thank a widow of a veteran for them making the ultimate sacrifice.  Make sure the child of a veteran knows you appreciate what their father or mother did for them was appreciated.  Remember this Veterans’ Day!! 

Thank you to all of our Active Duty Soldiers, our Veterans’ and their Families!!  We truly appreciate all you have given!! 

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Trained Service Dogs versus Fake Service Dogs

Service dogs are like any other dog cute and adorable, most of us want to just go up and pet them.  However, you can’t or shouldn’t.  A service dog is working for their handler and should not be disturbed.  Any petting or distracting of a service dog could potentially put his owner in danger.  Distracting a service dog could prevent the service dog from recognizing signs or behaviors from their handler that could be life-saving. The service dog's attention could be drawn with just a hand wave or just say a word to them which could cause them to miss a trigger or scent their owner.  It is important to remember that a service dog is not a pet but rather a medical necessity and has a responsibility and loyalty to his handler to keep him safe and secure.
Each service dog’s training is specific to the handler’s needs; hearing the door knock, when someone is calling them, when the fire alarm is going off, calming a person with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) during an anxiety attack and etcetera.  Pending what the service dog is being training for there are diabetic service dogs, seizure service dogs, seeing-eye dogs, mobility service dogs and so one.  Each will be trained for the specific condition of their handler.  
If you are to come around or in contact with a service dog it is best to:
Communicate eye to eye with the handler, not their dog.   Do not just approach the dog and pet without requesting, however, it is best just not to pet the dog even though it is hard to resist.    Please if possible allow the service dog to pass with room; even though the disability may not be visible there is a disability there.  If you are uncomfortable or their dog is in the way, please let the handler know so they can adjust their service dog. 
It is best no to do the following when a service dog is present:
Again, do not pet without permission.  Do not distract the service dog in any matter.  Do not feed the service dog.  Do not ask questions about the handler’s disability it may be an uncomfortable situation for them to discuss. 
The Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law that prevents discrimination against people with disabilities and their service animals in public and private places. Even though ADA does not require you to register your service dog, the state laws may vary and have further regulations for you and your service dog, so it is best to research for your specific state or a state you will be visiting so that you and your service dog will be in regulation.

The ADA provides protections for you and your service dog, but does not require you to register or to certify your dog as a service animal. This federal law states that you can bring your dog with you into a business, including restaurants, movie theaters, retail stores, hotels and taxicabs. These businesses cannot exclude you or your service dog or be able to treat you differently than any other customer.  However, business owners can ask you: If your dog is a service animal required because of a disability and what tasks the service dog is trained to perform for you.  However, a business owner cannot ask you to describe the nature of your disability, demand proof that your dog is a service animal, ask for medical documentation of your disability, or request that your service dog performs a task.    If you are traveling with a service dog there are other specifications that may be requested such as: asking you for proof of your disability or for proof that your service dog is a trained service dog under the ADA and the Air Carrier Access Act.  Some of the documents that are acceptable are: proof of your disability and requirement for a service dog with a doctor's letter.  Obtain documentation from the training organization such as the certification or identification card from where you obtained your service dog from.  Before traveling on any public transportation it is best to review their requirements on their website as well as call the airline, train, bus and etcetera to let them know a service dog will be with you. 

Service dogs can be any dog that passes the requirements to be a service dog and the training.  Service dogs are not breed specific so it can be a pug, pit bull, Rottweiler, German shepherd, Labrador retriever, Boston terrier and etcetera.  When you see a service dog with the service dog vest on be open minded and realize that dog and handler when through a lot of training hours to achieve that vest and privilege to have the security to be able to go out shopping, fly, eat at a restaurant, and so on. 

If you were to witness a ‘service dog’ that is out of control and the handler is not doing or cannot do anything about the dog is most likely not a trained service dog.  Other signs of a non-trained service dog are if the dog is not housebroken and urinates or defecates inappropriately.  The dog is whining, barking, growling, or making other noises.  Picking up or stealing food, unless tasked for by handler’s requirements.  The dog is pulling on their leash/harness unless the dog is performing a mobility task for their handler.  The dog is wandering away from their handler.  The dog breaks from a stay position or is anxious, agitated or aggressive.  If the dog is ungroomed, smells or appears uncleaned.  The dog is easily distracted, jumping, scratching or engaging with other dogs, children or people.  The dog is in a stroller or shopping cart, the dog is not able to perform their duties being restricted and not being at their handler’s side. 

Not to say these dogs are bad dogs they are just not service dogs and should not be passed as one because of the repercussions of what could happen if an improperly trained is approached and reacts.  There is a law to protects those who really need the service dog.  A lot of time, training from the handlers and trainers are put into each of these service dogs.  Each service dog is required to be re-certified each year to maintain their certification.  Being a service dog is a lot of responsibility taken on the part of the handler, trainers, training facilities and service dogs not to be under minded but those who just want to have their dogs with them.  Be respectful to those who truly have the disability, whether the disability is scene or not, if your dog is not a certified service dog by the appropriate training facilities take the time to get them trained or leave them at home.  Hopefully, within time there will be a national registry in which legit service dogs will be easier to be identified and handlers of fake service dogs will be held accountable.   It is sad and upsetting when a legit service dog and handler are handled rudely and disrespectful because of the few that abuse the law.  Please be more respectful.  Thank you.  

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Other resources available:

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Some Human Foods are Toxic to our Pugs, Be Careful...

Every pug loves to get table scraps and it is hard to say ‘No’ to that little pug face staring at you while you are trying to eat.  However, did you know there are many human foods that are toxic to pugs are could cause internal damage or death. 

Here are some of the human foods that are toxic:

Grapes and Raisins – they are poisonous and can be toxic within a few hours.  Your pug will have diarrhea, vomit, could be wobbly, not able to urinate as normal.  Could cause severe damage to kidneys or even lead to death.

Avocados – there is nothing noted specifically on what happens but could lead to loss of breath, fluid accumulation in chest, vomit, diarrhea, and heart problems.  The lack of oxygen could lead to death.

Onions – they destroys red blood cells.  Onions causes your pug to have a rapid heart rate, be lethargic, weak, vomit, diarrhea, and blood in their urine.  Could cause damage to kidneys and could lead to death.

Tomatoes – are poisonous and are dangerous over a long period of time of being eaten by your pug.  They could cause your pug to have tremors, seizures, heart arrhythmias, dilated pupils, colic, diarrhea, vomit, and coma to possible death.

Mushrooms – be careful of the wild mushrooms also.  It is mainly the cap of the mushrooms but in general mushrooms are very poisonous and considering the mushroom is pending the symptoms which could happen.  White mushrooms are not as dangerous.  Some symptoms are nervousness, bloody diarrhea, anxiety, restlessness, wheezing, slow heart beat and death.

Fruit pits – such as peaches and nectarines, they have cyanide and can cause obstruction in your pug’s intestines which lead to death within days. 

Various nuts from walnuts, pecans, Macadamia, pistachios, and Brazil – all have low levels of poison which pending how much your pug eats is pending how sick your pug will get.  Symptoms could be vomit, bloody or blackened stools, lethargy, liver failure and death.

The list above is just a few of the many toxic foods there are many more such as chocolate, garlic, chives, seeds, and etcetera, so it is best to not feed your pug human food unless instructed by a veterinarian, pet nutritionists or you have done extensive research for the right foods, the right amount, and how it should be served (cooked, raw, dehydrated).  Any type of food change with your pug it is best to check with your veterinarian. 

PLEASE, any intake of any toxic foods or plants you should take your pug immediately to the nearest veterinarian for emergency care. 

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Precautions…

     Halloween is thirty one days away but many costume contests are in between now and then, we are reminded to be mindful on how to dress your pug.  First of all, please dress your pugs in a dignified manner.  Sizing is important, you do not want the costume to be too tight because they will make your pug uncomfortable and could cause your pug to act out.  The costume should fit appropriately so your pug is comfortably and able to still run and play around.  So no oversize costumes either because the costume could get caught and cause harm to your pug.  Dress your pug according to the weather, if you live in a warm climate you do not want to dress your pug in an abdominal snowman suit.   It is obvious if your pug is dressed to warmly they could overheat causing a heat stroke or worse.  When your pug is wearing their costumes make sure they are breathable, do not over heat, and are comfortable enough for your pugs to be comfortable.  Also be mindful about the amount of time your pug is dressed up.  If you are entering them into a contest or in a parade tried to hold off dressing them until the time of the contest/parade, this will allow them to play and enjoy themselves. 

     Another thing with Halloween approaching with parties and gatherings please be aware that your pug is unable to get into the candy, chocolate and other candy is deadly to pugs  so do not leave it where they can get it.  When answering the door for those trick and treaters make sure your pug can not get out.  It will be hard to see them with all the movement and activity.   Do not leave your pug out in the backyard unattended.  You never know who can get back there or if your pug can get out.  Keep your pug in a safe place where you are aware of where they are at and will be able to check on them.  If you have having a Halloween party make sure your friends and family members are respectful to your fur babies – no human food to be given to them without your permission.  Watch those little goblins a.k.a. the children are not feeding candy to your pug.  Make sure you have the time to comfort your pug with all the activity and your attention elsewhere you do not want your pug to feel unappreciative or unloved.  Give some of your time and attention to your pug.    

Be safe, be on guard, be proactive, and have a Happy Safe Halloween!!  
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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Easy Way for your Pug to get their protein, Omega 3 and 6, and help their skin...

Plato’s Pet Treats have done it again!!  They came out with new treats and these treats are all fish – cod skin and golden redfish skin.  Now, we know fish is good for our pugs they are an excellent source of protein, low in saturated fats, and little to no calories.   Also, fish  is nature’s natural sources of Omega 3, which assists in supporting their joints and mobility.  The different type of fish is a great way to provide protein without too much strain on their digestive system compared to meat treats.   Fish also have antioxidants, anti-flammatory agents, and assists with skin itching and other skin/coat issues. 
Plato’s Pet new treats are called Hundur’s Crunch.  The Icelandic cod and red fish used are in pieces that are hard and some are flaky so you will get the variety of sizes and textures to keep your pug interested.  The crunch will help to keep your pug’s teeth health.  Hundur’s Crunch is just the cod skin and red fish skin and nothing else, all natural to keep the benefits of Omega 3 and 6 within the treats. 
Remember, these are treats and should not be in replace of your pug’s normal food.  Also, naturally, too much of anything is a bad thing – so don’t forget there are other treats such as Plato’s Thinker’s in salmon, chicken or duck, the organic treats in chicken , vegetables or duck, strips with turkey/pumpkin, turkey/sweet potato or turkey/cranberry, the small bites also in duck or chicken and etcetera.
Pia Pia will eat the Thinker salmon treats but other fish treats she will not, she is very particular (those who know her knows she is particular as we are particular on her treats and food) but she loved the Hundur’s Crunch.  Trust me; we will be purchasing more Hundur’s Crunch!!  Thank you Plato Pet Treats.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ice Cream, really not good for pugs.

Labor Day Weekend is coming.  This is the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  No more barbecues, baseball games, or swimming however, there is football, tailgating, and cooler weather.  This weekend there will be family get together, picnics, hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream.  However, did you know that pugs cannot digest dairy such as ice cream.  Giving your pugs ice cream could cause diarrhea, vomiting, upset belly or worse.  It is the lactose within the ice cream, cheese, and dairy products that causes the gastric troubles or dog bloat.  Dog bloat is exceptionally serious and life threatening which can develop suddenly and can be fatal.  This can happen when you pug eats or drinks too fast.  Dog bloat needs to be treated by a veterinarian immediately. 

There are alternatives that you can give your pug such as popsicles.  There is doggie ice cream that you can purchase such as Frosty Paws, Cool Dogs, and Dogsters to name a few.  These are specifically created with your pugs in mind.  Finally there are the recipes that you can make your own ice cream for your pug, most recipes call for natural plain yogurt (low fat) adding your pug’s favorite treat  like peanut  butter, honey, banana, strawberry, pumpkin, and etcetera. 

Overall, as much as your pug will beg and pout it is best to keep the ice cream and dairy products away from them for their welfare.  Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing Labor Weekend!!  

Pugs have the perfect look for begging, don't they?!  

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The 2015 Hurricane Season is upon the state of Florida

Are your hurricane preparations in place? For you? For your family? For your Pug?  If it is not this is the time to complete it.  First of all, make sure you have preparations for you and your family.  Next comes to your beloved four legged animal – your Pug.  Make sure you have enough food and water for your Pug – at least 14 days worth.  Make sure the food will not have to be refrigerated just in case you lose electricity, you do not want to feed your Pug food that is bad.  Dry dog food would be best and your Pug may not be used to it but they will soon become use to it.  Even water is very critical for the survival of your Pug, so make sure you have enough to keep your Pug hydrated.  Make sure all medications that your Pug may be on are filled with extra in case you are unable to get to a pharmacy. 

What will happen if you have to evacuate?  Do you have a place that you are able to take your Pug with you?  Some hotels for a deposit will keep a room available for you but make sure they will accept animals beforehand.   There are some animal shelters around that could assist with making plans for your Pug but you need to make sure this is done well in advance of any hurricanes.  These shelters will fill up fast and you do not want to leave your Pug in harm’s way.  In order for your Pug to be considered for a shelter the following must be completed:
·         Make sure that your pets are current on their vaccinations.  Pet shelters may require proof of vaccines.
·         Have a current photograph
·         Keep a collar with identification on your pet and have a leash on hand to control your pet.
·         Have a properly-sized pet carrier for each animal - carriers should be large enough for the animal to stand and turn around.
·         Plan your evacuation strategy and don't forget your pet!  Specialized pet shelters, animal control shelters, veterinary clinics and friends and relatives out of harm's way are ALL potential refuges for your pet during a disaster.
Please make sure your evacuation plans are made well in advance with consideration to taking your Pug with you.  Many shelters will not allow pets in unless they are a service dog.  If you are unable to get your Pug into a animal shelter and unable to take them with you please make arrangements with a family member, friend or neighbor.  Too many animals are left to defend for themselves and so many of them do not make it or find their way home. 

Hurricane Season is not the time to start preparations but to already have preparations is in place.  You, your family and your Pug should all be ready in case of an emergency or evacuation with food, water, medications and warmth.