Friday, December 1, 2017

An alternative from bottle water & faucet water for your dog…

Go Pure Water Purifier in water bowl
with water. 
As many of you are aware Pia Pia suffers from bladder stones so we are careful of what we feed her and what type of water she drinks.  The water that comes from the faucet is not necessarily the best water however bottle water can get costly plus it is not the best for the environment, so where does one go from there? Well, a few months back I was at a pet expo and came across the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier.  

This is a water purifier that has suction cups and attaches to the bottom of your dog’s water bowl.  It has a purifier that the water consistently flows through to clean the water in your dog’s bowl.  It is good for up to six months however we have not had it for six months yet only three months but considering we have had it through Hurricane Irma where we lost electricity for a few days, it was nice to know and see that Pia Pia’s water in her bowl was clean even to this day the water in the bowl is still clean.  She use to have impurities whether it was the dirt from the outside, left over crumbs from her eating or other odd things that fell into her water bowl.  I have not seen anything in her bowl since we have been using the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier.  We take the purifier out to clean her bowl on a regular basis and replace the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier right back into her bowl. 

The good thing is the actual purifier is small and replaceable.  However, the one thing one must make sure to do is to make sure it is securely suctioned to the bowl because of the purifier being small and replaceable it could be a choking hazard.  Overall, it is nice to know and nice to see that her water is clear from impurities. 
Suctions Cups on the bottom 
Purifier separated from protective shell.

Protective shell and Go Pure
Pod together. 
Size of Go Pure Pod.

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Friday, October 6, 2017

Traveling with your Pug

Whether it is the summer, spring break or the holidays traveling with your pug can be fun as long as you are prepared and organized. If your pug is not use to riding in the car, you would want them to get familiar with riding in the car.  To get your pug ready for a road trip, start taking then on small car trips around town and make them longer and longer until you feel your pug is ready for the long car ride.  If you are flying and they are not use to being in a carrier, then begin putting them in a carrier for a few minutes a day until they are comfortable and know the carrier is not a punishment.  You want a carrier that will meet the requirements of the airline as well as enough room for your pug can get up and turn around.  You do not want the carrier to be too restrictive because then your pug will despise going into it.  Make sure your destination whether it is family, friends or hotel is pet-friendly.  The worse thing to do is go all the way there to find your furry friend is not allowed or invited.

When it comes to packing for your pug make sure to keep their regular diet, pack a toy or two of their own, a blanket or towel, food/water bowls, dog treats and maybe a bed (pending space) to remind them of home.  If you are driving make sure to pack water with you so when you stop you are able to give them water.  If it is a long drive you are able to feed them also. When driving please make sure to walk them so they are able to relieve themselves.  Make sure your pug is secure in your car by a seatbelt or carrier, in the event of a car accident the carrier or a pet car seat will help keep your pug safe and not a projectile.  If you are flying it is best not to feed or give them water two hours prior to them flying.  Also make sure to let them go to the bathroom before you enter the airport or security area.  There are some airports that have pet relief areas but the maybe outside the security areas.  Again, research the airports before going to know if your airport has one or not and leave enough time to allow your pet to relieve themselves before the flight.  It is also best that if you pug is on a special diet, review the area to make sure you are able to get their food within their area.  You would not want to change their diet and risk a tummy upset while on vacation or visiting.  Make sure to pack all medicines, heartworm prevention (pending the time of month you give your pug their prevention), recent photo of your pug, and recent vaccination record for your pug. Do not forget when packing to pack an emergency kit for your pug such things as gauze bandage, eye wash, tweezers and such are great to have in that emergency kit.    

Finally, take your pug to their veterinarian for a full physical and make sure your pug is up to date on their vaccinations especially if they are going to a different region.  For example, ticks are not an issue in the southern region but they are in the northern region so be mindful of those vaccinations for your area and intending areas you are traveling to.  Make sure they are healthy to make the car ride and if they are flying they will need a flight certification.  Once you get a clean bill of health from their veterinarian request a copy of the vaccination record to have on hand while you travel, in case of emergency.  If you are flying, call ahead to the airline because brachycephalic breeds are not to fly in cargo due to their breathing issues. Some airlines have restrictions on the number of dogs allowed on a flight, so call ahead and let them know you will have your pug with you so it can be noted.  Also, if have not done so it is best to get your pug microchipped.  Many rescues, animal clinics, veterinarians, dog catchers and such utilize this method to help get a beloved pug back into the arms of their owners.  You also want to make sure to use a secure harness, leash and all dog tags are on your pug while you are traveling and while you are at your destination. Remember you are going to a strange place to your pug so be patient with them but also you want to make sure all forms of identification are on them in case they get away.  If the cost of the microchip is a problem watch in your area, some Humane Societies, veterinarian clinics or a rescue will offer a microchip at a reduced cost to you. 

Remember to be mindful of your during your travels and final destination of the surroundings such as the different plants and other potential toxins, other pets around the area, bodies of water such as pond, lake or pool, children and etcetera that are accessible to your pug.  Your home and local area maybe pug friendly but not all homes or areas are pug friendly.  Also, be aware of local emergency veterinarian clinics around the area, hopefully you won’t need it but it best to know where one is than not to know and need one. 

Overall, though pending how long you will be gone, how far you are going or how you will be traveling it may be a good idea to have a relative watch your pug, hire a pet sitter or even board your pug with some one that you are comfortable as well as your pug is comfortable with.  Traveling is a stressful situation for you and your pug so consider all options and choose the right options for you and your loved pug. 

Have a happy and safe travels. 

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Halloween Reminders for You and Your Pug

Candy Cane Princess
Costume by Jae Elisabeth Taylor
Halloween is almost upon us so the first thing to do is to make sure is that our beloved pug is taken care during this holiday.  There will be so much going on, so much excitement and it is the beginning of many more events.   First of all, if you are going to dress your Pug up please make sure it is appropriate dress for the weather.  Pugs overheat fast so between the costume and the weather make sure your pug will stay cool and of course, have plenty of water available for them to stay hydrated.  Remember also to make sure the costume does not restrict your pug or cause them any harm such as cutting or rubbing into their skin for this may start to cause an infection and pain to your pug.  A fun comfortable appropriate costume will help make sure you and your pug will have a nice evening of trick and treating.  If you are walking your pug around while trick and treating with your children please be mindful all the excitement, children, noises and such may be too much for your pug so use caution.  Some pugs may get too excited or panic and get loose which could cause them to take off, get lost or worse.  So it may be best to leave them at home.  If you choose to walk them make sure their lease and harness is secure, they are microchipped or have all their dog tags on them, and if they are wearing a costume it is appropriate for your area. 

Bumble Bee
Costume by Jae Elisabeth Taylor
Second thing, the nights leading to and including Halloween is a night for mischief and pranksters so please keep your pug inside where they will be safe and secure.  It is sad but those mischievous youngsters and pranksters tend to act out more as Halloween nears and with that they have a tendency to target our pets even if your pet is in your own back yard, so again it is best to make sure they are safe and secure in your home away from the pranksters.  

Third, if you are handing out the candy make sure you are careful to where your pug is at so they do not run out the door as it opens.  Be mindful of your pug as well as your children.  It is best to keep your pug secure in a room or behind a fence, so they will not be able to get out while you are handing out the candy. 

Finally, when all the fun is over make sure the candy is up and away from your curious pug. You do not want your pug to get into the candy and eat it; this could cause your pug to become extremely ill, cause organ damage or worse death.  So please make sure the candy is up and away from your pug.  As your children are going through, sorting their candy and of course, eating some the best thing to do it give your pug a dog treat so they do not feel left out or inclined to indulge themselves.  
Just a few reminders as the Holidays are just around the corner.  Happy Halloween to you and your little two and four legged goblins. 

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Television has gone to the Dogs, literally!!

Pia Pia loves to sit and view
the world. 
Television, radio and other sound makers are left on as we leave our homes so our dogs feel they are not left alone.  Not to say all of our dogs suffer from separation anxiety or have behavioral issues but it more or less helps to soothe their insecurities of being home alone for long periods of time.  However, have you ever thought about those sounds or sights on the television or radio? Are they soothing and calming to your dog? Do they do they aggravate or upset them? Even though it is helpful and ensuring to your dog that you will be returning it is best to make sure the sights and sounds are really calming them.  Recently I have come to learn that there is a DogTV, seriously, DogTV.   I thought it was just a rumor or an option in other countries but not here.  However, I was wrong.

DogTV is available in the United States as well as in fourteen other countries on providers such as Xfinity, DirectTV, AmazonFire, AppleTV and more.  This is great news for us and our dogs, why? Because DogTV is just that - for the dogs.  This channel has episodes designed specifically for one person in your household and only one person – your dog!! This channel’s content is appealing to your dog because the coloring is more vibrant to keep your dog’s attention, the sounds are pleasant to help keep them calmed and soothed during the day to keep them entertained,  and finally the channel is scientifically designed by numerous pet experts from veterinarians, behaviorists, and etcetera.  DogTV is a channel that has years of research behind it to make sure the channel maximizes the specifics of their programs for your dog’s hearing and vision to keep them happy and entertained so they are not destructive, stressed or have other potential behavioral issues.  

Pia Pia likes to watch TV
in bed pending what is on. 
People wonder if dogs even watch television? Will this help curve my dog’s behavior? What is needed to subscribe to DogTV?  Is DogTV suitable for my children? Believe it or not, yes dogs do watch television as well as just listening to the television assists the dog with resting and keeping calm, just as if your dog was hearing your voice. Of course, hearing your voice is a lot better than hearing anything else in the world just as you hearing your dog’s bark.  As for curving your dog’s behavior, DogTV will help with your dog’s separation anxiety and boredom by keeping their minds active during the day with the activity in their programs.  However, if your dog has further behavior issues it is best to seek assistance from your veterinarian or dog trainer for further assistance.  There is nothing special needed to add DogTV to your lineup, just go to and register, please at check at provide this code PiaPug.   You will be able to get one month free, which is an excellent deal.  Yes, DogTV is suitable for children, adults and your pets.  In fact, it is encourage sitting with your pets so your pets know that you are happy with the viewing as they will be happy to view the channel with or without you there. 
Yes, Pia Pia will sit right in
front to see her shows.  

Not everyone likes to admit they are wrong but I am glad to admit I was wrong and I am glad that I found DogTV.  I am glad to know I was able to get the channel here, it is reasonable costs, it is geared for Pia Pia, and yet fun for me to watch too.  So it is a win-win for all.  Enjoy watching DogTV, please let me hear from you with your and your dog‘s view on DogTV.  Thank you.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Brick and Mortar Pet Stores versus Online Pet Stores

Socializing, shopping, playing.
Over the past few months it seems more and more of us are shopping online compared to purchase from the Brick and Mortar stores.  Each of us have our own reasons for doing so, such as we do not have time to go to the store, the store does not sell our pet’s particular food or toy, or we just don't want to be disturb by stopping and going in.  Again, we all have our own reasons and for that those stores are losing income and are trying to figure how to bring the consumer back in.  Most recently a store manager of one of those stores stopped me to asked my opinion to bringing the customers back in.  My opinion for the Brick and Mortar stores:

1.      They have the space for training when the space is not used for training, offer a meet-up group to utilize the space for their a meet-up date, especially in the extreme heat or in the extreme cold.  This will help to bring in consumers to the store even new customers who may shop around before or after the meet-up.     
Nice cool place to meet will help. 

2.      Invite a rescue group or several rescue groups to the store, advertise with them to let the community know which groups will be available at the store and on which days.  Not only will this help a shelter animal exposure and higher potential to be adopted but will bring customers to the store.  Once they adopted a pet they will need to pick up supplies for their new pet such as toys, food, cage or leash, harness/collar and treats. 

Too hot to meet outside. 
3.      Each store has a budget set aside for activities within the community to help advertise and let the community know what their store is doing and that the store is there for your pet and you.  For instance, send an employee to the local Farmer’s Market to walking around with treats for the pets there,  advertising with a rescue groups or a meet-up group to when they will be at the store.  This will help people to recognize the store and the store’s commitment to the community. 

4.      Run specials while the meet-ups are happening and while the rescue groups are there.  Make it a fun time for all those who come in.  People will always remember where they had fun and look forward to coming back.  Offering a discount on treats or pawprints of our favorite pet, just something for a customer to remember that was fun we need to do that again. 

5.      Keep the store clean and stocked.  Again, you always want the store to be clean and stocked so the customer does not have a reason to get elsewhere. 

Not to say customers will be running back in but inviting meet-ups to meet at the store, helping rescues to display and get animals adopted out and just letting the community know that your store wants to be a part of the community, will be a big step towards bringing customers in.  It just starts with one friendly gesture to start the ball rolling.  Commitment to your local community will go a long way just as your local community will return their commitment back to you.  

Again, these are my thoughts of what would be a good idea to bringing customers back into the Brick and Mortar stores.  After all, it is nice to be able to still hang out with friends and their pets but not in the extreme heat or extreme cold so if there was a location such as a store were we would be able to hang out plus do so shopping it is a win-win-win for all – we can hang out with our friends and our pets, we can pick up our pet needs, our pets can get out of the house, and the store has returning customers.  Just something to ponder…   

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BlogPaws, a first timers view...

Sheraton Myrtle Beach, SC
It has been a few days since our return from BlogPaws.  BlogPaws, is a conference where bloggers, writers, and social media personalities of the pet world meet to socialize, network and learn to expand and grow our own avenues whether it is a blog, writing and etcetera.  Even to this day ideas are flowing on how to improve my blog.  I have so many ideas to write about, how to improve my writing, how I can show my dedication to what my blog is about and why I am blogging.  I have pages of notes from the different sessions we attended to the individuals we spoke to who have successful blogs or publications themselves.  However, it wasn’t all educational there were socialization time with sip and paint hosted by Red Roof Inn, Happy Meower hosted by VCA, and the Red Carpet Hour hosted by Natural Balance.  This conference was about the education and the networking with or without your pets. 
Sip & Paint hosted by Red Roof Inn

With this being my first BlogPaws conference I wasn’t sure how to plan or what to expect so I read all the posts in the social learning center on how to prepare, what to expect and what to bring to BlogPaws.  I carefully read each newsletter that was emailed prior to the conference in regards to what to expect upon arrival, who will be available to ask questions, and so on.  At first all of that was overwhelming but don’t let it be, read it all thoroughly then go back take notes to that which is pertinent to you.  When the schedule is published review and re-review it, unfortunately you will not be able to make it to all sessions as much as you want to so again make chooses that are most pertinent to you and what you want to achieve.  Just networking/socializing you will be able to pick up the highlights of the other sessions but the best news is most of the speakers are fellow bloggers or writers so they are available and easy to speak with.  Even the speakers that are major speakers such as this year with Kathleen Gage or Jay Baer, don’t be shy after they speak go up to them and ask them questions.  Both were very down to earth and open to answer questions.   The environment there is a friendly social environment, not like other conferences where speakers sneak out the back to avoid the attendees or answering further questions.  It is a well-organized and relaxed environment. 
Speakers Stage 

Even with the reading and re-reading once we showed up it was quite overwhelming with meeting and greeting fellow pet world personalities and their pets from cats, dogs, ferrets, rats, and a bearded dragon.  It is comical that we all recognize each other by our blogs or writing not necessarily by our names but still everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  There was a BlogPaws staff member available to welcome each of us, our pet and to answer questions. 

BlogPaws this way...
Only downfall to BlogPaws that I saw was it was too short or went to quick pending how one would look at it.  Another was there were some people I overheard stating how people stayed within their “clicks” however I feel it takes two.  If there was someone you wanted to speak to, go up introduce yourself and speak to them.  That is what this conference is about networking and socializing.  I knew a lot of people from the BlogPaws chat on Twitter or from their blogs but never really met anyone face to face that is why I went to the conference.  I put myself out there, introduced myself, gave my business card and spoke to them.  Not only was I able to put a face to a blog but I met new people and new blogs. Was it scary, yes, but I lived through it and it was worth it.  I would do it again in a heartbeat and Yes, I purchased my ticket for 2018 BlogPaws in Kansas City where I hope to meet even more new people as well as meet up with those I met with this past BlogPaws. 

Thank you to the speakers, Sheraton Myrtle Beach, and to the BlogPaws staff.  

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Snappy Snoozers, a unique and awesome pet bed!!

Another unique find at the Global Pet Expo this past March was a Snappy Snoozers®.  Snappy Snoozers is an orthopedic inflatable pet bed.  The bed comes with a clear carrying/storage bag with the bed, air pump, two quilted pads that snap onto the bed once it is inflated, think as a Pet Bed-in-a-Bag.  The bed can be inflated as much or as low with air to suit the needs or comfort of your pet whether it is a cat, dog, ferret or such.  The quilted top comes in pink, blue or tan and it is very soft, comfy and thick.  The bed can be easy inflated and deflated easily to travel with or leave it inflated for a permanent pet bed at home.  The bed can be used inside or outside.  It is easy to clean just wipe clean the actual bed and just throw the quilted top into the washing machine. Luckily, the tops do not shrink or lose their shape after being washed.  The quilted top securely snaps onto the inflated bed leaving it tightly on the bed.  The bed itself it very well made and tough.  

These beds are great for have a pet that has orthopedic issues or arthritis because the beds can be inflated and deflated to a comfortable area for them.  They are also good for pets that have incontinence issues because they are easy to clean with the wiping or the bed and machine washable tops.  Easy to break down, clean and put back together.  Also, great for traveling whether going to a mountain retreat or to the beaches just dust or wipe the bed off from the dirt or sand, deflate, place in bag and ready to go.  Many may think because the bed is inflatable they can be used at an inflatable device in a pool/water, however, I would not nor is it suggested to be used as one.  It is a bed NOT an inflatable device. The bed comes in two sizes small/medium and large/extra-large.  The small/medium is quite sufficient that I am sure three of my pugs can fit on it and I saw the large/extra-large, any large dog would fit quite comfortably on it. 

On a personal note: I have used this bed for three months and have traveled with it.  I have inflated and deflated it about eight times and washed one of the quilted tops six times and everything is still in perfect shape.  The snaps still hold the quilted top snugged on the bed.  Pia Pia falls asleep on it so easily, even outside while sitting on the patio with birds chirping and squirrels running back and forth, she is able to fall asleep fast.  This bed is used at home and at travel.  The bed was worth the cost.  The website is

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Benefits of a PTS Service Dog for our Veterans

Many believe the signs of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS) are not visible; for the most part they are true however it is because those who are suffering with PTS do all they can to hide it or control it because they feel it is a weakness or that they will be viewed upon as someone with a mental disorder.  However, PTS is not a mental disorder.  PTS is a disorder that develops when an individual has experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous event that is not within the normalcy of an everyday occurrence, such as our veterans going to war.  Unless one is in their shoes we cannot know what they have experienced or how they are experiencing the PTS.  But, we can help them but understanding the best we can, be patient with them, and provide them with a comfort such as a canine companion.  Not to say, a loved one, spouse or child is not a comfort to a veteran however a canine comfort is someone that can predict, concentrate, and have that connection that a human cannot. 

As for the signs of PTS, yes, there are those signs – such as pacing, sweaty palms, nervousness, huffing, breathing hard, sweating, and just uneasiness to name a few.  Not to say all veterans will display these signs but in general those are some symptoms.  I am no doctor, nurse, psychiatrist or such however I am a spouse of a veteran with severe PTS who has been in/ out of several different clinics, Veteran’s Administration facilities and have seen other veterans as well as have seen how my own spouse reacts to situations when he becomes stress, uneasy or in a predicament that sets off his PTS.  His saving grace as well as mine has been a twelve pound angel, a pug, and his now service dog. 

Within him constantly feeling uneasy and having anxiety/panic attacks he was officially diagnosed with PTS and prescribed medication.  The medication made things worse because he is unable to take medication because his body is not tolerant of medications so with no other avenues at that time he became home bound, could not go to his daughter’s school events, could not travel to see his boys and wasn’t even able to go shopping.  Even when he was left at home it would only be a matter of time before he was calling to see when I was returning, how much longer, or such to where we could not spend any time out of the home.  Then one day we visited a no-kill shelter with him to see about getting a dog to keep him company so at least we can run errands and get things done without him having panic/anxiety attacks while we were gone.  We found this little lethargic pug that had protruding eyes, which we were informed if not corrected she would lose her eye sight.  There was no doubt she was the one for us. 

She was automatically enrolled in obedience classes and started the beginner class within a few weeks of coming home.  It was difficult at first because of her eyesight but to show her the treats we chose a bigger treat to get her to sit, stay or down and etc. but fed her the smaller treat.  She completed the Beginner Obedience class very well and continued onto Intermediate Obedience class, which again she did extremely well.  We took a break before entering the Advance Obedience class to have her eyes taken care off.  Her surgery went fine and within two weeks, she was able to close her eyes and sleep full nights.  We continued onto Advance Obedience training in which again she did well.  So all the obedience training was completed and her eyes were corrected.  We were talking with the trainer when he realized my husband has a hearing problem yet notice his pacing and uneasiness issues also, so it was mentioned about Pia Pia becoming a hearing service dog for him.  We were unsure if that is what we wanted however the trainers came and spoke with us the benefits of her being able to help him with his hearing then also being there to assist with his PTS.  First, Pia Pia would need to be scrutinize to see if Pia Pia would be able to be a service dog as well as to see if my husband would also be able to assist with the training, we also needed to obtained the medical documentation from his physician stating his hearing loss and the diagnosis of his PTS causing his anxiety/panic attacks, once we had the documentation, the committee review Pia Pia’s performance and my husband’s position on her being a service dog, they were approved to become a service dog team and the training began.  Within a couple of weeks they started their service dog training.  As they began the service dog training we had Pia Pia’s ophthalmologist appoint to find out that she gained sight back and she has no more eye issues. 

She needless to say this little underweight lethargic half blind Pug is now a hearing service dog for my husband.  She gave my husband his life back with her he has complete trust and faith that she has his back, will help him and be right there for him when he needs her.  Trust me there have been times that she has been where I have unfortunately have failed him, proving that the canine bond is stronger.  Another reason why each veteran who suffers from PTS needs less medications and more canine companionship, in the end it is the companionship and comradery of knowing that there is someone there that will have the veteran’s back that is missing. 

The only thing that is wrong with a veteran with PTS is that they missed out on something special whether it was a holiday, birth of a child, school event or just that romantic date to give us our freedom to enjoy what we have today.  If you see that one person with sweaty palms, pacing or a little uneasy – don’t judge them, they may be the veteran who gave you your freedom to judge – instead Thank them and tell them you support them.  If they have a service dog acknowledge them with a Thank you and a support of them with them having a service dog to help them.  Thank you.  Thank you to all our veterans, military personnel, their families, fur-legged family members and those who help them.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Education, Education, Education…

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that falls under the U.S. Department of Justice a service dog is defined as a dog that has been individually trained to perform specific tasks for an individual with a disability.  The tasks must be related specifically to that person’s disability such as a hearing dog to for a hearing impaired person, a mobility dog for a person with mobility issues, a seeing-eye dog for a blind or seeing impaired person and so on.  An Emotional Support Animal (ESA), therapy, comforts, or companion animal however are not considered to be service dogs and are not protected under the ADA protection because they do not provide a specific task.  There may be a state or local government law that may protect the rights of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA), therapy, comfort, or companion animals which would depend on each specific state and county government.  Now there are exclusions such as a service dog for an individual with diagnosed depression or Post-Traumatic Stress in which the service dog is trained to remind the handler to take their medication.  A diabetic alert or a person or has epilepsy again the dog is trained to alert when their sugar levels are low or to detect the onset of a seizure, these service dogs would be protected under ADA. For an individual to claim their dog’s presence “calms them” during an anxiety attack does not qualify them as a service dog either, this is a fine line.  If an individual states their dog is a service dog because the dog is able to provide a specific action to help avoid or possibly lessen the impact of the anxiety attack that would qualify the dog as a service dog because it is tasked for a specific job.  So again, it is educating the public, establishments, and others to understand what would qualify a service animal under the ADA versus the fake service dogs.    


Another potential misunderstanding is No; a service dog does not need to be professional trained.  An individual is able to train their own dog for their own disability.  Also, service dogs in training are not qualified or protected under the ADA while still in training.  There are establishments that will work with professional trainers to help train service dogs in training because of the relationship obtained over the years.  So if one is training your own dog an establishment is allowed by law to turn you and your service dog in training away.  Once you and your service dog is ready to go out, if an establishment questions if your dog is a service dog or not they are only allowed two questions: 1. Is your dog require because of a disability?  A simple yes or no answer is required here. You do not need to disclose your disability.  2. What is your dog tasked for? This is a sticky situation because this will disclose your disability when you state, for instance, they are my hearing dog or assists me with my mobility.   An establishment cannot ask for documentation, cannot ask for the dog or you to prove the task, or inquire further in regards to your disability. 
Under ADA a service dog
does not need to wear
a vest or harness. 

Another, misunderstanding is a service animal does not need to wear a service vest, harness or anything to state it is a service dog.  Some individuals will utilize the vest or a harness to lessen the confusion or prohibit individuals from petting or requesting to pet their dog however it is not required for them to be worn under the ADA.  So to some people there are positive and negatives to their dog wearing a vest or harness signifying it is a service dog and at work. 

All service dogs will need to meet all cities, state and local vaccinations requirements, they are not exempt from the vaccinations.  If your specific city or state requires your dog to be registered and licensed then you must obey those laws on top of the requirements needed for your dog to qualify under the service dog requirements.  The ADA has no specific mandatory registration or requirements just what the local governments require. 

Now this particular information was eye-opening to me, not all Federal agencies have to comply with the ADA.  For instance, the Air Carrier Access Act is slightly different in their definitions on what would comply as a service animal versus the ADA definition of a service animal as well as which and the number of questions that can be asked to determine if the animal is a service animal or not.  Now, all U.S. Carriers are to follow the Air Carrier Access Act however for foreign air carriers they are not required to transport any other service animal just a service dog. Just recently the Department of Veterans Affairs changed their policy in which service dogs are allowed on their grounds and in their facilities, prior to that it was depending up to each facility.   So even though it is a government facility, if you have a service dog and need to visit a federal government facility it is best to call ahead and check first if your service dog is allowed. 

Now this was a lot of information and even I learned some additional information that I was unware of during this article.  So again, education and continuous education is needed to help combat the real service dogs versus the fake service dogs.    

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

PTS Service Dogs are Critical for Veterans and their Families

Pia Pia on mat under table.
The healing powers of an animal is special, so special that it can help eliminate even those who have relied on medications to control certain ailments, especially those that are affected mentally.  It is an estimated rate that twenty two veterans take their life each day; this is a sad fact – a very sad fact. Veterans sacrifice a lot for us to have our freedom.  Veterans deserve better, their families deserve better.  Some veterans are realizing with the assistance of a dog they can overcome those feelings, feelings of desperation, loneliness, and solitude.   However, because Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is not a noticeable disorder there are many that would contend to state or argue that an individual does not have a condition that warrants a service dog or the dog is a fake service dog.  This is because there are so many out there who abuses the system when it comes to service dogs.  An establishment is unable to ask direct questions in regards to the usage of a service dog but can ask what the dog ‘tasked is for’? In some states the dog does not need to wear a service vest, no documentation is required and worse one can order a service dog kit online. 

On mat while eating. 
Training a service dog is more than just sit, stay, and come.  These dogs are trained with the sit, stay, come and more as well as they are specifically trained for their owner and owner’s needs whether it is PTS, hearing, mobility or for the blind.  A PTS service dog is trained to pick up on their owner’s anxiety or panic symptoms.   Not only is the dog but also the owner who is in training.  The training does not come cheap and is not necessarily the easiest either.  So when someone attempts to pass off their dog as a service dog when they are not, it is downgrading all the time and training that others have put into a real service dog as well as adds additional stress on to those who are real owner’s with real service dogs. 

She always wears her vest.
Establishments, whether retail, restaurants, government or non-government should have in their orientation program how to handle individuals with service dogs even those who are fake.  It should be a mandatory program and be updated as everything else within their orientation program.  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are trying to distinguish fake versus real service dogs however it is difficult because as long as someone states their dog is a service dog there is nothing an establishment can do for now.
As for distinguishing an individual with PTS or not, well, trust me one can tell if an individual is suffering from true PTS or not.  Ask any wife, loved one, caregiver or professional of those who treat a veteran with PTS and they will verify there are signs of when their loved one is suffering or is having issues because of their PTS.   To outsiders it is an invisible disorder but to those who live with or live with some who lives with it, it is NOT an invisible disorder. 

One day, hopefully soon, PTS Service Dogs will become a reality for our veterans and their families.  While, those who abuse the system with fake service dogs will hopefully realize the disrespect and disregard to others they are causing. 

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Monday, May 1, 2017

Just in Case You Need To Feed The Dog

This past March was another successful Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.  This year’s pet expo was even larger than year’s prior so it was so nice to be able attend.  With so many new pet products, treats, food, and gadgets out there it is hard to always narrow it down however there was one particular product that caught my eye because of today’s society with the hustle and bustle between work schedules, children’s schedule, the crazy weather going on and etcetera.  So now that I have your attention I won’t keep you waiting it is the PetNet SmartFeeder. 

The PetNet SmartFeeder allows you to feed your pet even when you are running behind.  It is a feeder that will store up to seven pounds of pet food connected to a bowl which is released by you through an application on your phone or table.  You download the SmartFeeder app to your phone or tablet, you are able to program it to the serving size and time for your pet to be fed or if there is a question the app will assist you to help personalize the SmartFeeder to your specific pet.  Once the SmartFeeder dispenses the food it will alert you so you know your pet, whether it be a dog or cat, was fed.  The SmartFeeder will also store and operate up to about seven hours if the power was to go out.  This is great alternative especially during busy times of year such a tax time for accountants, florists during Valentine’s Day, or in the event of an emergency you can rest assures your pet is being fed. 

The SmartFeeder can also assist with those pets that tend to overeat because it dispenses by portion control.  The feeder will only dispense the food by how it was programed per activity level, weight and type of pet.  Please still seek the medical advice from their veterinarian but the SmartFeeder can assistance with portion control for those breeds that have a tendency to overeat.  So far, all good things from one little reasonably price feeder. 

The one final thing is the PetNet SmartFeeder should not be and is not intended to be in replace of you being there to spend time with your pet.  This is not what they are saying; this is only a tool to help make things easier to owning a pet but not to replace spending time with your pet. 

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