Friday, January 22, 2016

February is National Pet Dental Month

February is just around the corner; February is also National Pet Dental Month.  Just as you have your dental checks your Pug needs their dental check.  Dental disease is very dangerous and can cause serious illness when your Pug has poor dental hygiene.  First of all, dental disease can affect a Pug as young as 3 years of age.  Even if you think your Pug’s teeth look clean it does not mean they are.   Dental disease is caused by bacteria derived from their food, treats, and etcetera.  Dental tools can see what is under the Pug’s gums and too see if there is standing bacterium that needs to be removed.  However, if your Pug has loose teeth, not eating much, not chewing, drools more, not playing as usual or has bad breath those are just a few signs of a possible dental issue, it is best to have your Pug’s teeth looked at minimum once a year to twice a year unless there is a standing issues such as the bad breath. 

To help with caring for your Pug’s teeth, be careful what you feed them because a diet high in meat protein could help contribute to dental disease.  Oxtails, large knucklebones, any diet with organ or muscle within the meat are also detrimental to the health of your Pug’s teeth.  A well-balanced diet of variety of meats (fish, chicken, and pork), vegetables, and fruits will help keep your Pug healthy from their teeth to their waste lines. You can also assist keeping dental disease at bay with brushing your Pug’s teeth, provided dental bones or chews (anything that helps to produce saliva), and putting doggie mouthwash (NOT human mouthwash) in their water bowl.   

Dental disease can be linked to kidney disease, lung disease, bladder infections, and heart problems if not properly taken care of.  Dental care is imperative to keeping your Pug in good health.   It does not matter whether your Pug is a puppy or a senior good dental hygiene is one step to helping them to be healthy plus with well-balance diet, nutritious treats, exercise, plenty of water and love. 

If you are worried about the cost of dental cleaning for your Pug, with February being National Pet Dental Month there are veterinarians who usually offer specials to have your Pug’s teeth viewed.  If you are concerned about the anesthesia that is used to clean your Pug’s teeth it is best to discuss this with your veterinarian or seek a non-anesthesia dental cleaning veterinarian.  Remember dental hygiene is important to keeping your Pug happy and healthy. 

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cold weather is here…

We may live in Florida but we need to realize some of our Pugs as we are still use to the warmer weather so when those cold temperatures come your Pug may get cold like you do.  Make sure your Pug has a warm dry place, watch when you walk them the concrete is not too cold for their paws, make sure your Pug is not left out overnight or left out in the rain. If your Pug is showing signs of being really cold having them wear a doggy jacket or sweater will help them stay warm until you return home.  If this occurs limit your time outside as much as possible.  Pugs are susceptible to hypothermia with extended exposure to the cold could be life threatening.  It is best to keep an eye on your Pug for addition signs of shivering, being lethargic, breathing shallow or a weak pulse.  Another issue if the temperatures are too cold frostbite, which is an injury to the tissue commonly to a Pug’s tail, ear, feet or sensitive area but is not easily seen because it could be hidden under their fur.  Look for signs such as redness, pale or graying of their skin, blisters or even swelling in those areas.  In the event of hypothermia or frostbite immediately seek emergency veterinarian care.  
Just as in the summer when the concrete gets too hot the concrete can be too cold for your Pug’s paws so be aware of their paws and take the proper care so they do not crack or chafing which could be painful for them. There are paw creams you can pick up on the local pet stores to help keep them from cracking and do not walk them if the concrete is too cold.  DO NOT use human cream on your Pug’s paws they can cause some serious to deadly issues.  There are specific creams for the care of your Pug paws.  Pugs in cold weather can give your Pug a cold on top on their other breed respiratory problems, which is not good.  Please be aware of the proper care of your Pug in both hot and cold weather. 

Still keep plenty of water for your Pug as well as the same diet but if your Pug is inactive because of the colder weather then to cut back on their food, remember Pugs are prone to be overweight.  It is up to the humans to control their food intake and to keep them healthy as can be.  There are plenty of indoor games that you can do to help keep your Pug active or utilize the warmest part of the day to take your Pug for long walks in the neighborhood or local dog parks. 

Be aware of space heaters and candles.  Candles can be knocked over very easy by a Pug’s tail or Pugs playing around.  Just as space heaters or your curious Pug could burn themselves on the space heater or candles.  DO NOT leave candles or space heaters on unattended. 

Grooming your Pug during the cold weather, make sure your Pug is completely dried before talking them out.  Also, with your Pug spending more time inside then out their nails will tend to grow faster so they will need to be trimmed more frequently. 

Stay warm and have a Happy and exciting New Year.