Monday, February 5, 2018

February is National Dental Health Month

How clean is your Pug’s mouth?  How clean are your Pug’s teeth?  Have you look at your Pug’s smile?  Does your Pug have tarter?  Believe it or not, yes pugs need to get their teeth cleaned also.  Pugs need the have the proper dental care just as humans do.  Many pug owners do not realize that oral disease is the most diagnosed infectious disease which could cause other health issues such as heart issues, neurological issues and issues within the bloodstream.  Most Pugs by time that reach the age of three maybe four already have some sign of oral disease.  If left untreated oral disease can lead to bad breath, tooth loss, loss of appetite and even have your pug in severe pain.  To assist in the prevention of oral disease you should give your pug bones to chew on such as tarter control dental bones or other dental bones.  Just be mindful of when they get too small your pug does not swallow them whole and/or choke on them.  However, do not rely on these bones to do the job completely; you need to be a part of your pug’s dental hygiene also.  If possible you should brush your pug’s teeth on a weekly basis as well as add a dental rinse to their water.  Check with their veterinarian on which they would prefer or recommend.  Your local pet stores such as PetSmart, PetCo, Pet Supermarket and such carries toothpaste and toothbrushes specific for canine dental hygiene.   It is important NOT to use human toothpaste on your pug; these are not good for them and can cause harmful effects. 

Once you get your pug on a good dental hygiene routine just add it to the same routine as bathing, cleaning the nose wrinkles and ear cleanings.  Also, remember to take your pug in for regular dental checkups at their veterinarian or during their yearly physical.  Pugs need to have their teeth taken care of for them because they are unable to do it themselves.  If you are unsure about the dental care plan and the seriousness please inquire with your pug’s veternarian.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article. And I agree, that the month of February is national dental month and this is our bonding time with my fur babies in the exotic animal vet and also to the other fur parents as well.

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