Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ice Cream, really not good for pugs.

Labor Day Weekend is coming.  This is the end of summer and the beginning of fall.  No more barbecues, baseball games, or swimming however, there is football, tailgating, and cooler weather.  This weekend there will be family get together, picnics, hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream.  However, did you know that pugs cannot digest dairy such as ice cream.  Giving your pugs ice cream could cause diarrhea, vomiting, upset belly or worse.  It is the lactose within the ice cream, cheese, and dairy products that causes the gastric troubles or dog bloat.  Dog bloat is exceptionally serious and life threatening which can develop suddenly and can be fatal.  This can happen when you pug eats or drinks too fast.  Dog bloat needs to be treated by a veterinarian immediately. 

There are alternatives that you can give your pug such as popsicles.  There is doggie ice cream that you can purchase such as Frosty Paws, Cool Dogs, and Dogsters to name a few.  These are specifically created with your pugs in mind.  Finally there are the recipes that you can make your own ice cream for your pug, most recipes call for natural plain yogurt (low fat) adding your pug’s favorite treat  like peanut  butter, honey, banana, strawberry, pumpkin, and etcetera. 

Overall, as much as your pug will beg and pout it is best to keep the ice cream and dairy products away from them for their welfare.  Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing Labor Weekend!!  

Pugs have the perfect look for begging, don't they?!  

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