Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Veterans’ Day!!

Don’t forget tomorrow is Veterans’ Day.  Being a service dog to a Veteran Pia Pia knows the trials and tribulations that a veteran goes through with accumulating back into the family structure.  Things never seem to be the same for some Veterans’ in which many individuals on the outside do not see.  The scars that are implanted on what these individuals have seen and had to do not to only save themselves but to save their fellow soldiers.  Veteran’s Day is not a day to be thankful because kids have a day off of school; one has a day off of work, or the sales from your favorite stores but a day to remember the lives that have been lost to give us the freedoms we have today.  The freedom to complain about a color of a cup, to be able to even speak in public, to be able to have the day off and etcetera.   So instead of thinking of what you can do on this day off, go enjoy an event and thank a veteran.  Even pay for a coffee for a veteran whether that veteran has visible wounds or not, they still served for you.  Thank a widow of a veteran for them making the ultimate sacrifice.  Make sure the child of a veteran knows you appreciate what their father or mother did for them was appreciated.  Remember this Veterans’ Day!! 

Thank you to all of our Active Duty Soldiers, our Veterans’ and their Families!!  We truly appreciate all you have given!! 

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