Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Home Remedies that can temporarily ease your Pug’s discomfort

Ever wonder if there is something you can do to ease your pug’s discomfort until the vet’s office opens?  Maybe a home remedy could help the simple issues such as ease hot spots or constipation?  Well, after some careful research and using some of the home remedies myself, I realize there are some that are safe enough to help your pug.  However, please understand that this is NOT to substitute the advice, guidance or to seek medical advice/care from your own veterinarian. 

-          - Artificial Tears will help to lubricant dry eyes; we know pugs have a tendency to have dry eyes.  However, make sure it is only dry eyes and not an infection or underlying issue, so please consult a veterinarian. 

-        -  Benadryl, the antihistamine will help when there is a bug/ant bite or some allergies.  Be aware that this will make your pug sleepy as well as depending on the size/weight of your pug would be how much to give your pug, so please consult a veterinarian. 

-          - Betadine which is an antiseptic, this is good to clean or soak wounds, cuts and injuries.  Betadine does cause discoloration to the skin, this is only temporary.

-         -  Epsom salts can be used to soak and soothe your pug’s sore paws.

-         -  Kaopectate can be given to your pug to help control diarrhea.  But please consult a veterinarian to know the dosage to give. 

-        -  Pedialyte can assist to rehydrate your pug when your pug is dehydrated during an illness or heat exhaustion.  It is best to mix with water.  

-         -  Pepcid AC can be given to a pug to help control stomach acid or upset stomachs.  Please consult a veterinarian to the exact dosage. 
-    -    Robitussin Pediatric Cough Syrup can be given to help eliminate or suppress a coughing pug.  Please consult a veterinarian that the cough is not something more serious.

Again, please consult a veterinarian to verify these home remedies would be acceptable for your pug, the correct dosages in the event you may need to utilize one of them, and so your veterinarian is aware in case of a further emergency. 

There are so many potential options on the internet from melatonin assisting to help pugs sleep and ginger helping to prevent car/motion sickness. Not to say these do not work or not acceptable but you want to make sure to use them within reason, under the supervision of a veterinarian in case of a reaction, and give the proper amount to your pug.  Too much of a good thing can be bad.  Too much ginger could cause diarrhea, heartburn and gas however it can help with arthritis.  So there is give and take in all home remedies so it is best to be careful, research thoroughly, ask questions, and make sure you document everything you give to your pug just in case of a reaction it can be traced. Include your veterinarian, this way you both will be in the know when it comes to the best care for your pug.   

Do you have any home remedies that you want to share? 

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