Thursday, August 25, 2016

Choking Hazards

Pugs because of their short stature and short noses have a higher rate of choking than most breeds.  Some of the choking hazards are the stuffing in the stuffed toys, squeakers from their toys, loose change (coins), batteries and bones whether they are cooked, rawhides or toy bones, just to name a few items.  As pugs are chewing and tearing the stuffing out of the stuffed toys they can swallow the stuffing which will get lodge in their stomach.  The stuffing could also get lodge in their digestive system (i.e. intestines) when the stuffing gets caught into the digestive system of the pug it will start to metabolize and unable to move causing intestinal gases to start releasing into your pug.  This will make your pug very ill and could kill them if goes untreated.   If your pug goes two or more days without eating there is something wrong you need to get your pug checked out immediately.  The squeaker in a dog’s toy is also a choking hazard.  The pug may be chewing on the toy and the squeaker could fall out or be chewed out whether by accident or intentionally, however a pug may swallow the squeaker.  If a pug swallows the squeaker it could get caught in their throat causing them to choke which could lead to death.  The best thing is to keep an eye on your pug while they are playing with their toys.   

Edible bones, Nylabone bones, and Kongs are good for your pug to help clean their teeth, keep them chewing the bones and not the furniture, and a treat for your pug.  Again, you need to be careful and watch your pug while they are chewing these bones especially when they are starting to get smaller because as the bones get smaller or older the bone begin to fall apart or get to small therefore a pug will attempt to swallow them.  Pending the size of the piece it could get caught in their throats or even lacerate their throats, which potential if very harmful or worse.  It is suggested that when your Pug is getting to the end of a bone or if a bone is looking its age to be on the safe side throw the bone away. Better to be safe than sorry.   Another bone is a cooked bone such as turkey bones which are prone to splinter which could hurt when swallowed or lacerate a throat which could cause internal bleeding.  Non-cooked bones do not fair better but do tend to be stiffer compared the cooked bones.  Finally, rawhide bones are not digestible, held together by toxic glues or rubber bands, and could piece off in large chunks.  These bones are not good for pugs because it will be hard for them to swallow, the toxicity, and potential of swallowing rubber bands. 

Coins or batteries are a very dangerous hazard because within a few hours your pug could die.  Coins contain zinc which when consumed by the pug the zinc will start to be absorbed by the red blood cells.  When the zinc is absorbed by the red blood cells the cells will start to rupture in your pug.  This causes anemia and your pug will become lethargic.  If the coins or batteries are not removed as soon as possible your pug will be at risk of passing away.  By time you realize your pug is lethargic most likely they will be in need of an emergency blood transfusion in order to for them to be strong enough to survive a surgery.  Even after surgery a blood transfusion may be needed.  So to be on the safe side make sure coins and batteries are put away, purses and wallets are secures and put away as well as where your pug is at, what they are in to and what they are doing. 

Remember pugs are like children will put anything in their mouths.  Please watch and be careful of your pug. 

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