Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Getting rid of Toxicants in your Pug

Toxicants are everywhere in our water, foods, and even in the air we breathe.  The medicines we take after a certain time and a certain amount build up in our body.  Some of us decide it is time to detox and unload those toxins from our bodies.  What about your Pug?  They breathe the same air laden with smoke and pollution.  Pugs also soak up toxins in their paws from the pesticides and fertilizers that are laid in the grass that they walk in.  Pollens also get stuck within their fur therefore your Pug constantly is breathing them in.  Over vaccinating and subjecting your Pug to prescription medicine such as antihistamines and antibiotics is also a toxicant.  Even monthly heartworm preventative medications, only give the necessary prescribed amount so not overdose and add to the toxins.  Feeding a balanced, nutritious diet to your Pug is necessary whether you choose a raw, homemade or commercial diet.   

So now the question is how to detoxify your Pug?  Exercise, the physical movement promotes movement and elimination of waste from their body through their urine and feces.  Physical movements also will help with blood circulation which assists the toxins to move more efficiently through the liver and kidneys.  Physical movement is a natural way for the body to rid itself of toxins and stimulate healthy functioning of your Pug’s organs such as their heart, liver, kidneys, and immune systems.  Other natural avenues to assist with detoxification are milk thistle and dandelion which assist with liver function and cleansing the blood.  However, milk thistle has the added benefit of assisting with the regeneration of liver cells.  For kidney support cranberry and corn silk will help.  To assist with the removal of toxins from their lymphatic system such as the tissues of the body, red clover is a good option.   Of course, Echinacea and garlic is a good support for the immune system. 

Before administering of any of these herbs it is best to consult your veterinarian.  It is always good to keep your Pug physically active but remember to keep in mind the time of year so not to over hear your Pug.   Here is to a happy, healthy Pug!! 

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