Monday, November 14, 2016

Why Fake Service Dogs, need to be illegal!!

In San Francisco a service dog, which was a pit bull but was a real certified service dog with all the credentials was told to exit off a trolley and even escorted by police because it was a pit bull.  A veteran who had a Labrador as a real certified service dog, again all the credentials and necessary paper work to fly on a plane was given a hard time and was unable to fly home during a recent quick trip home to see her family.  They flew to the destination with no issues however the return flight the airline gave them a hard time.  This caused undue stress onto the individuals and their service dogs, neither one of these cases needed to be dealt with in this manner but because of the abuse and misuse of fake service dogs this is what happens.  Is it fair, NO, it is not fair to those individuals or their service animals.  This is why it should be illegal to obtain service dog kits online unless the dog goes through the proper testing and passes to be given the service dog vest and identification.  Not to say an individual cannot train their own service dog but to actually have them tested and pass considering it is the public involved.  The public with other individuals with disabilities, children, and other pets involved.  If an improperly trained service dog is put in a position it can attack causing harm, severe injury or worse to a child, adult or pet.  Then the owner of that “service dog” will be held financially accountable and in some cases loose their “service dog”, there will be no winners.   

I never understand why it is so hard for individuals to understand that utilizing your dog and stating they are a “service dog” when they have not had the proper training is not helping them, their dog and is more harmful than good.  If an individual has a legitimate need for a service dog there are services and organizations that not only can assist with training, can make sure the temperaments are correct, could provide insurance, initiated testing, and provide the proper credentialing making the service dog a real one. 

Dog lovers love their dogs; they are our fur-kids but there is a lot of training that goes into properly training a service dog.  A service dog is considered a medical equipment, it can save a person’s life however the continue abuse of utilize a pet dog for a service dog could cost someone their life whether it is failure of a real service dog to do their job because of the confusion if that particular dog is a real or fake service dog.  Or if a fake service dog is in a position that their owner is unable to control and attacks a person or animal.  Bottom line, fake service dogs are illegal and the owners need to be held accountable with harsher punishment.  It is not the dog’s fought and I see the owner’s side but see the person who truly needs the service dog, they do not need the extra trouble, harassment or discrimination on top of their issues.  Be courteous, be kind, and stop using fake service dogs, please.

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