Wednesday, April 12, 2017

This little Squishy Face is a Stubborn One!!

Pugs how they are cute and adorable with their squishy faces.  Pugs were bred to be companion dogs for the Emperors of China and then for the rich and elite of Europe.  Pugs to this day are still used as companion dogs as they make good therapy dogs but there is one thing people seem to misinterpret because of those cute adorable faces - - - they are stubborn!

Yes, those adorable little faces with the big bulging eyes with the ‘forgive me’ look makes you want to just hug them however they are a very stubborn breed.  Pugs are dogs that like to satisfy their owners in any way they can but when an owner wants the Pug to do something that the Pug does not want to do such as ‘sit’ the Pug will not do it. However, you need to outsmart your Pug or set the ground rules up front that you are the Alpha in the house but be prepared to be tested.   

If you were to bring in a new Pug or other pet whether you are fostering, adopting one or purchasing one it is very important to set the basis who is the alpha dog and it is not your Pug.  Once you set the president that you are alpha and keep the president your Pug will still put up a fight but will back down more easily.  Just like having a child a Pug will try to test the boundaries to see how far she or he can go.  Pugs will not dislike you because you say “No”, in fact, they will love you more because they like to have discipline.  So do not let those adorable bug bulging eyes fool you, Pugs are stubborn.  Stand your ground be the alpha in the house and your Pug will love you even more.   After all, who couldn't love a face this cute?! 

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