Monday, May 14, 2018

The summer time heat is finally here…

The summer time heat seems to finally come, what does that mean?  It means heat and humidity!! So you need to keep an extra eye on your pug and their activities.  Remember it is important to keep your pug cool by making sure they have plenty of cool water available to drink, this will help to lessen the possibility of heat strokes.  Do not leave water sit outside overnight because bacteria and other larvae can grow, so it is best to make sure your pug has a clean bowl of water each day. 

Keeping their faces also known as their wrinkles clean will also help to cool them as well as will clean the dirt, bacteria, and sand that can cause infections, skin irritation, acne and such. Be cautious when you are taking them for walks whether it is taking them for a walk to go to the bathroom, for exercise, walking in the parking lot into a store, into the vet or what have you that the concrete/pavement gets hot which could scorch your pugs’ paws.  Please be aware if the concrete is too hot for you to put leave your hand on it for any length of time than it is too hot for your pug’s paws so it is good to put protection on your pug’s paws, carry them if possible or try to walk them a grassy area either way do not prolong the length of time their paws make contact with the concrete. 

Pugs are very heat sensitive so they will overheat easy.  It is important to limit the amount of time they are in the heat even if they are not doing anything it is still warm for them and the heat will raise their body temperature, especially if they are directly in the sun.  If you don’t think so wear a fur coat and see how long you would last out in the heat before taking it off.  Unfortunately, your pug cannot take their fur coat off but can be can furminated to help lessen their coat, especially during the spring/summer months.  There are groomers that will groom your pug but still pugs are prone to overheat so it is important to be aware of the time your pug is outside and active.  Also, even with a fur coat pugs when pugs are out in the sun, they are susceptible to sunburn and sun poisoning so it best to limit the time exposed and even apply sun screen to them for additional protection.  There are specific sunscreens on the market for dogs, please be aware and not use just any sunscreen as it could be detrimental.      

Make sure your pug has access to any type of shady areas whether in the backyard, enjoying family fun activities or lounging at the pool – your pug will need to have a shady place to resort too.  Simple things such as overhangs, umbrellas and such will help shade your pug but remember even though the shade does cool your pug as long as they are outside they are still exposed to heat and humidity so please be mindful to their body temperatures. 

NEVER leave your pug in a car.  Cars inside heat up faster than the outside temperature and even if you feel you will only be a “minute or two” that minute or two could cost your pug their life.  Even cracking or leaving windows open will not benefit your pug that much, the temperatures will rise too fast and get too hot for their little bodies to deal with.  So it is best to leave your pug safely at home. 
Fleas, ticks, heartworms – oh my, yes, along with the summer comes the parasites so make sure to go to your veterinarian and get your pug on some kind of protection whether it be a topical medication or over the counter it is best to get your pug protected before something happens.  Also, while you are there go ahead and ask the veterinarian to show you the proper way to remove any parasite(s) especially if it is a tick that would be on your pug.  It is best to be prepared. 

Florida is a nice place to live but one has to be careful of our children, our pugs and us of the heat.  Don’t feel bad if you attend an event or go out for an afternoon or morning leaving your pug safe and cool at home.  At least you won’t have to worry about them overheating, having a heat stroke or worse.  They may be upset but pugs do not hold grudges so again it is best to leave them home. 

Remember the heat is on and does not let up, so be aware, be safe, and be attentive. 

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