Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Precautions…

     Halloween is thirty one days away but many costume contests are in between now and then, we are reminded to be mindful on how to dress your pug.  First of all, please dress your pugs in a dignified manner.  Sizing is important, you do not want the costume to be too tight because they will make your pug uncomfortable and could cause your pug to act out.  The costume should fit appropriately so your pug is comfortably and able to still run and play around.  So no oversize costumes either because the costume could get caught and cause harm to your pug.  Dress your pug according to the weather, if you live in a warm climate you do not want to dress your pug in an abdominal snowman suit.   It is obvious if your pug is dressed to warmly they could overheat causing a heat stroke or worse.  When your pug is wearing their costumes make sure they are breathable, do not over heat, and are comfortable enough for your pugs to be comfortable.  Also be mindful about the amount of time your pug is dressed up.  If you are entering them into a contest or in a parade tried to hold off dressing them until the time of the contest/parade, this will allow them to play and enjoy themselves. 

     Another thing with Halloween approaching with parties and gatherings please be aware that your pug is unable to get into the candy, chocolate and other candy is deadly to pugs  so do not leave it where they can get it.  When answering the door for those trick and treaters make sure your pug can not get out.  It will be hard to see them with all the movement and activity.   Do not leave your pug out in the backyard unattended.  You never know who can get back there or if your pug can get out.  Keep your pug in a safe place where you are aware of where they are at and will be able to check on them.  If you have having a Halloween party make sure your friends and family members are respectful to your fur babies – no human food to be given to them without your permission.  Watch those little goblins a.k.a. the children are not feeding candy to your pug.  Make sure you have the time to comfort your pug with all the activity and your attention elsewhere you do not want your pug to feel unappreciative or unloved.  Give some of your time and attention to your pug.    

Be safe, be on guard, be proactive, and have a Happy Safe Halloween!!  
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