Thursday, December 17, 2015

Holiday Traveling with your Pug

As the Christmas season is upon us a lot of us will be hitting the roads or going to the airport to fly home so you can visit family/ friends and enjoy the festivities.  However, if you are traveling with your Pug please keep be prepared and keep in mind a few things:
  1. Get a microchip for your Pug.  Many rescues, animal clinics, veterinarian, dog catchers and such utilize this method to help get a beloved pug back into the arms of their owners.  If the cost is a problem watch in your area where some Humane Societies, veterinarian clinics or a rescue will offer a microchip at a reduced cost to you. 
  2. If you are unable to get a microchip or even if you have a microchip please make sure your Pug has proper identification on his collar/harness and dog tags such as name, contact information for you  and if any allergies or medical conditions.
  3. Make sure your pug is up to date on their vaccinations especially if they are going to a different region.  For example, ticks are not an issue in the southern region but they are in the northern region so be mindful of those vaccinations for your area and intending areas. 
  4. Be mindful of the different plants and other potential toxins that are accessible to your Pug.  Your home maybe Pug friendly but not all homes are not Pug friendly.
  5. Do not forget when packing to pack an emergency kit for your Pug such things as gauze bandage, eye wash, tweezers and such are great to have in an emergency kit. 
  6. Pack enough food that your Pug is use to, consistency is best for your Pug and one of those consistencies is keeping them on their feeding schedule with the same food they are use to at home.  If your Pug is on medication, make sure you have enough medication or heart worm treatment while you are gone as well as extra in the case you have to stay a little bit longer due to weather or other circumstances.  Same goes for their food.
  7. Utilize a pet carrier whether you are flying or driving, a pet carrier will help keep your Pug calm as well as keep them safe.  In the event of a car accident the carrier or a pet car seat will help keep your Pug safe and not a projectile.   Make sure the crate is of proper size to your Pug will be able to be comfortable be able to move within the crate.   
  8. Never leave your Pug unattended in your car or at the airport.  Anything could happen so it is best to make sure your attention is on them. 
  9. Make sure you have your Pug’s favorite blanket, toy, bowls, and warm items for them if you are traveling to a cold climate. 
  10. Potty breaks: If you are traveling by car please take the time to stop and properly walk your Pug so they are able to do their business.  If you are flying make sure not to feed or give them water for two hours prior to your flight.  Make sure to walk them before putting them in their crate.  Make sure their veterinarian has cleared them to fly.  Any Pug that is frail, sick, pregnant, or a puppy may not or should not fly. 
  11. Planning ahead is the best way to plan to travel whether it is during the holidays or summer vacations.  Traveling is a stressful situation for you and your Pug so consider other options and right options for you and your loved Pug.  Some options are pet sitters, boarding, family/friends and etcetera.  Never wait to the last minute because boarding fills up fast, pet sitters schedules fill up fast, and family/friends have their schedules.  Also, prepare to reschedule or cancel your plans if your Pug becomes sick or injured.

If you are not traveling with your Pug, if you are visiting family /friends for the day, pending how long you will be gone or how far you are going it may be a good idea to have a pet sitter some one that you are comfortable as well as your Pug is comfortable with or even put your Pug in a daycare for the day so your Pug will not be alone for extended period of times.

Additional safety information can be found at,,

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  Be safe in your travels.  

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