Thursday, December 3, 2015

Tis’ the season to be prepared…

Christmas decorations going up, trees are being decorated, and egg nog is being served.     However, you need to watch out for our Pug.  There are many beautiful things about the holidays but with the beauty is also danger.  The holiday decorations commonly use to decorate your tree, your yard or even around you house can be dangerous even deadly to your pug.   The tinsel hanging on the tree with the shine and reflection attracts a curious Pug.  The tinsel can wrap itself around the Pug intestines and be fatal to your Pug.  The colorful tree ornaments are also an attraction for your Pug curiosity so they should be hung high enough out of their reach.  Pugs will be attracted to potential play or chew on the glass, aluminum, and paper ornaments which can break into sharp edges and may cause lacerations to the throat, their paws, their internal organs, and etcetera.  As well as they are a choking hazard for them.  Keep them up and out of the length of your curious pug. 

Another potential danger for your Pug is the lights on the trees and the burning of the candles.  The lighting, twinkling, and hanging lights will attract the curiosity of a Pug which could cause them to chew, potentially creating an electrical shock, burns on their tongues, even death so use all precautions.  Keep the lights out of their reach, be mindful of your Pug and the lights, and above all watch for any frayed wires.  Candles also are a hazard because the Pug could knock them over in error, potentially burn their noses trying to smell one, or even a paw attempted to touch the candle.  Be mindful once a candle it lit, keep the candle up and out of paws length. 

Wrapping gifts is another part of celebrating the season and even though your Pug makes good company and is good help to hold their paw in place until you are able to place the piece of tape in place.  The smell coming from the gifts can entice even the best behaved pug to misbehave.   The ribbon used to pretty up the gifts is a choking hazard, such as tinsel, ribbon could get wrapped/twisted throughout their intestines which could lead to emergency surgery or even death.  If possible leave the gifts until the last minute so curious pugs won’t get into trouble. 

Food… I am sure that caught your eye as we all know the way to a Pug heart is through their stomach.  So many edibles will be in the view of your Pug so be aware of where your Pug is, who is possibly feeding your Pug, and what is being fed to them.  Chocolate, whether milk or dark, have a high level of toxicity and is very dangerous for your Pug so it is best to keep all chocolate out of the reach of your Pug.  Bones, trimmings, and fat from the meats, whether cooked or uncooked, could cause pancreatitis, choking hazard, or splinter in your Pug digestive system.  It is best to keep them away from kitchen and dining area.  Cookies, candies, and some nuts in general should not be given to your pugs at all.  Almonds, non-moldy walnuts and pistachios can cause an upset stomach or an obstruction of your dog's throat and/or intestinal tract. Macadamia nuts and moldy walnuts can be toxic, causing seizures or neurological signs. Lethargy, vomiting and loss of muscle control are among the effects of nut ingestion.  Your best bet is to keep your Pug away from the food and company who will not follow your guidelines to not feed the Pug.  They should be kept on their regular diet and no table scraps or treats.  It could cause some upset Pugs but at least the Pugs will be healthy Pugs. 

Plants are very pretty and festive but they are also poisonous and potential deadly.  Poinsettias can cause vomiting and irritation in the Pug mouth and stomach.   The pine needles that will fall from your Christmas tree can cause irritation in their mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargic, and potential weakness in their posterior.  Holly will cause intense vomiting, diarrhea, and depression within your Pug.  Mistletoe also will cause vomiting and diarrhea, and possibly difficulty in breathing, your Pug may collapse, erratic behavior, hallucinations and even death.  The water for your Christmas tree will be tainted and could cause stomach irritation with diarrhea or vomiting so keep your Pug out of the tree’s water, plus your Christmas tree will not get the water is will need. 

Finally, with all the family and friends coming as well as you visiting and attending holiday events make sure your Pugs are secure so they are unable to sneak out.  Make sure if you have a fenced in yard the fence is secure and the gates are not let open.  If your Pug is uncomfortable it is best to place them in a secure area with their bed, toys, water, and visit them.  Make sure you are able to spend time with them so they are aware that everything, even though hectic is fine. 

It is best to keep vigilante of your Pug during the holidays.  The holidays bring out beautiful decorations and delicious food but at the same time if brings out so many dangers for your Pug.    
Additional dangers and hazards:
ASPC Pet Poison Control:
Pet Poison Hotline:
Have your local veterinarian and an emergency veterinarian phone available.   

Wishing all you, your family and your Pugs a Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Safe Happy New Year!!!!

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  1. Thank you, Dawn for all this wonderful and useful advice. BTW, Pia Pia makes a great model for your blog.