Thursday, July 21, 2016

With summer upon us, the itching wouldn't stop...

Lately with summer upon us, it seems my pug is constantly itching.  Could be because of the mosquitos living near a pond?  Could it be walking in the grass or when she is at the dog park where they are constantly spraying for fleas and ticks?  Maybe but just not sure, however the constant itching keeps us all up at night.  Luckily, Only Natural Pet® sent a sample of their Easy Defense herbal shampoo and condition to try.  This has been a lifesaver because once she was bathed the itching declined.  Reading the bottle, it stated there is organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citric acid (found in citric fruits), organic chamomile extract, yucca extract, kelp extract, neem oil, citronella and that is just a few of the ingredients.   It has a very light citrus smell so nothing too heavy for the pet or pet owner.  The shampoo was utilized first because the itching was just too much.  A week later she was bathed again in which conditioner was then used.  In the ingredients of the conditioner I noticed jojoba oil; her professional groomer utilizes jojoba oil to help rejuvenate her natural skin oils after her grooming appointment, so this little piece of information made me even happier.  I know Only Natural Pet® takes the time to research and utilizes the best ingredients that go into their products this confirmed it to me, knowing how much I pay on a monthly basis for her to be groomed and Only Natural Pet® has basically the same ingredients in their shampoos and conditioners.  I feel very happy and confident in between her grooming appointments to utilize Easy Defense Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner.  Plus we all sleep so much easier at night by the second shampoo and first conditioner treatment, not changing her routine she was no longer itching.  Phew, so happy for a good night’s sleep.  Thank you Only Natural Pet®.  #PawNatural #BlogPaws #itching #pug #pugs #veteranservicedog

**This post is sponsored by BlogPaws ™ Pet Influencer and Only Natural Pet®.  This post is to help introduce and spread the word about Only Natural Pet®.  With careful research and consideration, Pia Pia and I feel confident that a majority of our readers will be appreciative. **   

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