Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Snappy Snoozers, a unique and awesome pet bed!!

Another unique find at the Global Pet Expo this past March was a Snappy Snoozers®.  Snappy Snoozers is an orthopedic inflatable pet bed.  The bed comes with a clear carrying/storage bag with the bed, air pump, two quilted pads that snap onto the bed once it is inflated, think as a Pet Bed-in-a-Bag.  The bed can be inflated as much or as low with air to suit the needs or comfort of your pet whether it is a cat, dog, ferret or such.  The quilted top comes in pink, blue or tan and it is very soft, comfy and thick.  The bed can be easy inflated and deflated easily to travel with or leave it inflated for a permanent pet bed at home.  The bed can be used inside or outside.  It is easy to clean just wipe clean the actual bed and just throw the quilted top into the washing machine. Luckily, the tops do not shrink or lose their shape after being washed.  The quilted top securely snaps onto the inflated bed leaving it tightly on the bed.  The bed itself it very well made and tough.  

These beds are great for have a pet that has orthopedic issues or arthritis because the beds can be inflated and deflated to a comfortable area for them.  They are also good for pets that have incontinence issues because they are easy to clean with the wiping or the bed and machine washable tops.  Easy to break down, clean and put back together.  Also, great for traveling whether going to a mountain retreat or to the beaches just dust or wipe the bed off from the dirt or sand, deflate, place in bag and ready to go.  Many may think because the bed is inflatable they can be used at an inflatable device in a pool/water, however, I would not nor is it suggested to be used as one.  It is a bed NOT an inflatable device. The bed comes in two sizes small/medium and large/extra-large.  The small/medium is quite sufficient that I am sure three of my pugs can fit on it and I saw the large/extra-large, any large dog would fit quite comfortably on it. 

On a personal note: I have used this bed for three months and have traveled with it.  I have inflated and deflated it about eight times and washed one of the quilted tops six times and everything is still in perfect shape.  The snaps still hold the quilted top snugged on the bed.  Pia Pia falls asleep on it so easily, even outside while sitting on the patio with birds chirping and squirrels running back and forth, she is able to fall asleep fast.  This bed is used at home and at travel.  The bed was worth the cost.  The website is www.snappysnoozers.com

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    1. Thank you Melanie TOP DOG MODEL, do you know after all this time the bed I am still using and it is still inflated. I have not had to reinflated it. I still love this bed very much.

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