Monday, May 1, 2017

Just in Case You Need To Feed The Dog

This past March was another successful Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida.  This year’s pet expo was even larger than year’s prior so it was so nice to be able attend.  With so many new pet products, treats, food, and gadgets out there it is hard to always narrow it down however there was one particular product that caught my eye because of today’s society with the hustle and bustle between work schedules, children’s schedule, the crazy weather going on and etcetera.  So now that I have your attention I won’t keep you waiting it is the PetNet SmartFeeder. 

The PetNet SmartFeeder allows you to feed your pet even when you are running behind.  It is a feeder that will store up to seven pounds of pet food connected to a bowl which is released by you through an application on your phone or table.  You download the SmartFeeder app to your phone or tablet, you are able to program it to the serving size and time for your pet to be fed or if there is a question the app will assist you to help personalize the SmartFeeder to your specific pet.  Once the SmartFeeder dispenses the food it will alert you so you know your pet, whether it be a dog or cat, was fed.  The SmartFeeder will also store and operate up to about seven hours if the power was to go out.  This is great alternative especially during busy times of year such a tax time for accountants, florists during Valentine’s Day, or in the event of an emergency you can rest assures your pet is being fed. 

The SmartFeeder can also assist with those pets that tend to overeat because it dispenses by portion control.  The feeder will only dispense the food by how it was programed per activity level, weight and type of pet.  Please still seek the medical advice from their veterinarian but the SmartFeeder can assistance with portion control for those breeds that have a tendency to overeat.  So far, all good things from one little reasonably price feeder. 

The one final thing is the PetNet SmartFeeder should not be and is not intended to be in replace of you being there to spend time with your pet.  This is not what they are saying; this is only a tool to help make things easier to owning a pet but not to replace spending time with your pet. 

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