Friday, June 30, 2017

Television has gone to the Dogs, literally!!

Pia Pia loves to sit and view
the world. 
Television, radio and other sound makers are left on as we leave our homes so our dogs feel they are not left alone.  Not to say all of our dogs suffer from separation anxiety or have behavioral issues but it more or less helps to soothe their insecurities of being home alone for long periods of time.  However, have you ever thought about those sounds or sights on the television or radio? Are they soothing and calming to your dog? Do they do they aggravate or upset them? Even though it is helpful and ensuring to your dog that you will be returning it is best to make sure the sights and sounds are really calming them.  Recently I have come to learn that there is a DogTV, seriously, DogTV.   I thought it was just a rumor or an option in other countries but not here.  However, I was wrong.

DogTV is available in the United States as well as in fourteen other countries on providers such as Xfinity, DirectTV, AmazonFire, AppleTV and more.  This is great news for us and our dogs, why? Because DogTV is just that - for the dogs.  This channel has episodes designed specifically for one person in your household and only one person – your dog!! This channel’s content is appealing to your dog because the coloring is more vibrant to keep your dog’s attention, the sounds are pleasant to help keep them calmed and soothed during the day to keep them entertained,  and finally the channel is scientifically designed by numerous pet experts from veterinarians, behaviorists, and etcetera.  DogTV is a channel that has years of research behind it to make sure the channel maximizes the specifics of their programs for your dog’s hearing and vision to keep them happy and entertained so they are not destructive, stressed or have other potential behavioral issues.  

Pia Pia likes to watch TV
in bed pending what is on. 
People wonder if dogs even watch television? Will this help curve my dog’s behavior? What is needed to subscribe to DogTV?  Is DogTV suitable for my children? Believe it or not, yes dogs do watch television as well as just listening to the television assists the dog with resting and keeping calm, just as if your dog was hearing your voice. Of course, hearing your voice is a lot better than hearing anything else in the world just as you hearing your dog’s bark.  As for curving your dog’s behavior, DogTV will help with your dog’s separation anxiety and boredom by keeping their minds active during the day with the activity in their programs.  However, if your dog has further behavior issues it is best to seek assistance from your veterinarian or dog trainer for further assistance.  There is nothing special needed to add DogTV to your lineup, just go to and register, please at check at provide this code PiaPug.   You will be able to get one month free, which is an excellent deal.  Yes, DogTV is suitable for children, adults and your pets.  In fact, it is encourage sitting with your pets so your pets know that you are happy with the viewing as they will be happy to view the channel with or without you there. 
Yes, Pia Pia will sit right in
front to see her shows.  

Not everyone likes to admit they are wrong but I am glad to admit I was wrong and I am glad that I found DogTV.  I am glad to know I was able to get the channel here, it is reasonable costs, it is geared for Pia Pia, and yet fun for me to watch too.  So it is a win-win for all.  Enjoy watching DogTV, please let me hear from you with your and your dog‘s view on DogTV.  Thank you.

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