Friday, September 29, 2017

Halloween Reminders for You and Your Pug

Candy Cane Princess
Costume by Jae Elisabeth Taylor
Halloween is almost upon us so the first thing to do is to make sure is that our beloved pug is taken care during this holiday.  There will be so much going on, so much excitement and it is the beginning of many more events.   First of all, if you are going to dress your Pug up please make sure it is appropriate dress for the weather.  Pugs overheat fast so between the costume and the weather make sure your pug will stay cool and of course, have plenty of water available for them to stay hydrated.  Remember also to make sure the costume does not restrict your pug or cause them any harm such as cutting or rubbing into their skin for this may start to cause an infection and pain to your pug.  A fun comfortable appropriate costume will help make sure you and your pug will have a nice evening of trick and treating.  If you are walking your pug around while trick and treating with your children please be mindful all the excitement, children, noises and such may be too much for your pug so use caution.  Some pugs may get too excited or panic and get loose which could cause them to take off, get lost or worse.  So it may be best to leave them at home.  If you choose to walk them make sure their lease and harness is secure, they are microchipped or have all their dog tags on them, and if they are wearing a costume it is appropriate for your area. 

Bumble Bee
Costume by Jae Elisabeth Taylor
Second thing, the nights leading to and including Halloween is a night for mischief and pranksters so please keep your pug inside where they will be safe and secure.  It is sad but those mischievous youngsters and pranksters tend to act out more as Halloween nears and with that they have a tendency to target our pets even if your pet is in your own back yard, so again it is best to make sure they are safe and secure in your home away from the pranksters.  

Third, if you are handing out the candy make sure you are careful to where your pug is at so they do not run out the door as it opens.  Be mindful of your pug as well as your children.  It is best to keep your pug secure in a room or behind a fence, so they will not be able to get out while you are handing out the candy. 

Finally, when all the fun is over make sure the candy is up and away from your curious pug. You do not want your pug to get into the candy and eat it; this could cause your pug to become extremely ill, cause organ damage or worse death.  So please make sure the candy is up and away from your pug.  As your children are going through, sorting their candy and of course, eating some the best thing to do it give your pug a dog treat so they do not feel left out or inclined to indulge themselves.  
Just a few reminders as the Holidays are just around the corner.  Happy Halloween to you and your little two and four legged goblins. 

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