Friday, October 6, 2017

Traveling with your Pug

Whether it is the summer, spring break or the holidays traveling with your pug can be fun as long as you are prepared and organized. If your pug is not use to riding in the car, you would want them to get familiar with riding in the car.  To get your pug ready for a road trip, start taking then on small car trips around town and make them longer and longer until you feel your pug is ready for the long car ride.  If you are flying and they are not use to being in a carrier, then begin putting them in a carrier for a few minutes a day until they are comfortable and know the carrier is not a punishment.  You want a carrier that will meet the requirements of the airline as well as enough room for your pug can get up and turn around.  You do not want the carrier to be too restrictive because then your pug will despise going into it.  Make sure your destination whether it is family, friends or hotel is pet-friendly.  The worse thing to do is go all the way there to find your furry friend is not allowed or invited.

When it comes to packing for your pug make sure to keep their regular diet, pack a toy or two of their own, a blanket or towel, food/water bowls, dog treats and maybe a bed (pending space) to remind them of home.  If you are driving make sure to pack water with you so when you stop you are able to give them water.  If it is a long drive you are able to feed them also. When driving please make sure to walk them so they are able to relieve themselves.  Make sure your pug is secure in your car by a seatbelt or carrier, in the event of a car accident the carrier or a pet car seat will help keep your pug safe and not a projectile.  If you are flying it is best not to feed or give them water two hours prior to them flying.  Also make sure to let them go to the bathroom before you enter the airport or security area.  There are some airports that have pet relief areas but the maybe outside the security areas.  Again, research the airports before going to know if your airport has one or not and leave enough time to allow your pet to relieve themselves before the flight.  It is also best that if you pug is on a special diet, review the area to make sure you are able to get their food within their area.  You would not want to change their diet and risk a tummy upset while on vacation or visiting.  Make sure to pack all medicines, heartworm prevention (pending the time of month you give your pug their prevention), recent photo of your pug, and recent vaccination record for your pug. Do not forget when packing to pack an emergency kit for your pug such things as gauze bandage, eye wash, tweezers and such are great to have in that emergency kit.    

Finally, take your pug to their veterinarian for a full physical and make sure your pug is up to date on their vaccinations especially if they are going to a different region.  For example, ticks are not an issue in the southern region but they are in the northern region so be mindful of those vaccinations for your area and intending areas you are traveling to.  Make sure they are healthy to make the car ride and if they are flying they will need a flight certification.  Once you get a clean bill of health from their veterinarian request a copy of the vaccination record to have on hand while you travel, in case of emergency.  If you are flying, call ahead to the airline because brachycephalic breeds are not to fly in cargo due to their breathing issues. Some airlines have restrictions on the number of dogs allowed on a flight, so call ahead and let them know you will have your pug with you so it can be noted.  Also, if have not done so it is best to get your pug microchipped.  Many rescues, animal clinics, veterinarians, dog catchers and such utilize this method to help get a beloved pug back into the arms of their owners.  You also want to make sure to use a secure harness, leash and all dog tags are on your pug while you are traveling and while you are at your destination. Remember you are going to a strange place to your pug so be patient with them but also you want to make sure all forms of identification are on them in case they get away.  If the cost of the microchip is a problem watch in your area, some Humane Societies, veterinarian clinics or a rescue will offer a microchip at a reduced cost to you. 

Remember to be mindful of your during your travels and final destination of the surroundings such as the different plants and other potential toxins, other pets around the area, bodies of water such as pond, lake or pool, children and etcetera that are accessible to your pug.  Your home and local area maybe pug friendly but not all homes or areas are pug friendly.  Also, be aware of local emergency veterinarian clinics around the area, hopefully you won’t need it but it best to know where one is than not to know and need one. 

Overall, though pending how long you will be gone, how far you are going or how you will be traveling it may be a good idea to have a relative watch your pug, hire a pet sitter or even board your pug with some one that you are comfortable as well as your pug is comfortable with.  Traveling is a stressful situation for you and your pug so consider all options and choose the right options for you and your loved pug. 

Have a happy and safe travels. 

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