Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It has been a Brisk Winter…

We made live in Florida but this winter has been a little brisk.  However, our Northern friends are having one of their worse winters with the negative temperatures, flooding which changes into ice with the freezing temperatures and so on.  So whether you live in the north, south, east or west we need to pay attention to our Pugs.  Remember they are a brachycephalic breed and they do not fare well in hot temperatures nor do they fare well in extreme cold temperatures.  So be mindful of how long your pug is outside whether getting some fresh air or waiting for them do/finish their business.  Pugs are prone to overheat in hot weather but in the cold weather Pugs are prone to colds which do hinder their breathing on top of their other breed respiratory issues.  Make sure your Pugs have a warm place to come into, that your Pug is not left out overnight, do not let them out in the rain unless necessary and also be aware of their paws.  Their paws are tender and can crack which can cause them pain just as in the hot weather, so their paws need proper care whether it is in the hot or the cold weather.  Check with your Veterinarian or your nearest pet store for the appropriate paw cream for the care of their paws, DO NOT use a human cream on your Pug’s paws they can cause some serious to deadly consequences.  There is a specific paw care cream just for the care of your Pug’s paws.
Keep plenty of water available for your Pug as well as the same diet that your Pug is use too.  

However, if your Pug is inactive in the colder weather then you may want to cut back on their food intake, remember Pugs are prone to be overweight, with little to no exercise your Pug will only gain so it is best to cut back their food until their exercise routine amps up (i.e. more walks, play time at the park or in the yard).  It is up to the humans to control their food intake and to keep them healthy.    
So please be aware and be mindful of the care and time of your Pugs in both, hot and cold weather.  Remember as in all breeds, Pugs have specific needs to care for them just as all breeds have specific care and issues to their breed which need the proper care.   

Stay warm and have a Happy and exciting New Year.

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