Friday, December 1, 2017

An alternative from bottle water & faucet water for your dog…

Go Pure Water Purifier in water bowl
with water. 
As many of you are aware Pia Pia suffers from bladder stones so we are careful of what we feed her and what type of water she drinks.  The water that comes from the faucet is not necessarily the best water however bottle water can get costly plus it is not the best for the environment, so where does one go from there? Well, a few months back I was at a pet expo and came across the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier.  

This is a water purifier that has suction cups and attaches to the bottom of your dog’s water bowl.  It has a purifier that the water consistently flows through to clean the water in your dog’s bowl.  It is good for up to six months however we have not had it for six months yet only three months but considering we have had it through Hurricane Irma where we lost electricity for a few days, it was nice to know and see that Pia Pia’s water in her bowl was clean even to this day the water in the bowl is still clean.  She use to have impurities whether it was the dirt from the outside, left over crumbs from her eating or other odd things that fell into her water bowl.  I have not seen anything in her bowl since we have been using the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier.  We take the purifier out to clean her bowl on a regular basis and replace the PuriBloc Go Pure Water Purifier right back into her bowl. 

The good thing is the actual purifier is small and replaceable.  However, the one thing one must make sure to do is to make sure it is securely suctioned to the bowl because of the purifier being small and replaceable it could be a choking hazard.  Overall, it is nice to know and nice to see that her water is clear from impurities. 
Suctions Cups on the bottom 
Purifier separated from protective shell.

Protective shell and Go Pure
Pod together. 
Size of Go Pure Pod.

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